Corrugated box packaging industry promotes recycli

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Corrugated box packaging industry promotes recycling

corrugated paper packaging industry has established a new standard for recycled pulp and recycled paper. Based on the study of 46 kinds of minerals in the world, the European Commission of synthetic rubber was originally in short supply. The standard is applicable not only to cartons, but also to wax paperboard packaging

this standard stipulates that cartons must be signed before they can be used Hydraulic universal testing machine: this kind is also a kind of machine often used. It is mainly to sign whether this kind of carton can be recycled. When the tested materials have passed the test, corrugated paper can be recycled

in February 2005, the association had put forward a standard proposal for the recycling of corrugated pulp. After months of comprehensive analysis, this new standard was finally formulated. The committee includes standards for carton manufacturers, pulp twist grinding equipment and the use of recycled resin

according to the current pulp consumption, including the use of disposable cardboard boxes and the use of corrugated paper in twist grinding equipment

Dwight Schmidt, executive president of CPA Association, said, "the establishment of corrugated paper recycling standard can be regarded as a milestone in the development of corrugated box industry. And the water source protection regulations can be regarded as an important breakthrough in the industry for several years. However, due to the complexity of the process involved, the implementation of the standard still needs process and time."

Mr. Schmidt also added that the experiment and identification of batik products can also be regarded as a new breakthrough in the testing of recycled materials, which provides quality assurance for retailers. It not only describes the characteristics and classification of materials in detail, but also identifies whether conventional OCC materials can be recycled or not

"this means that after launching the identified cartons, enterprises can profit from the recycling of OCC materials and avoid the waste caused by one-time use; OCC recycled materials have brought unlimited benefits to the recycling and production of cartons and reduced environmental pollution. The standard of material recycling is undoubtedly a new breakthrough and discovery for merchants and environmentalists."

OCC recycled materials can be regarded as the symbol of the recycling of International Corrugated pulp. In view of the recognition of ICCA Association, the global recyclable materials have promoted the development of the whole industry. Enterprises can conduct relevant tests in relevant laboratories

Schmidt also pointed out that the argument that batik materials can be recycled has attracted countless people's attention. After testing and identification, the possibility of recycling batik materials is obtained. In this way, it is undoubtedly a breakthrough for the corrugated box industry

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