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Corrugated box knowledge collection

corrugated type of corrugated paperboard

the typical structure of corrugated paperboard is shown in the figure below, which is a clever combination of face paper and corrugated paper. From the perspective of structural mechanics, its shape is very scientific and reasonable

I. corrugated type of corrugated paperboard

the core part of corrugated paperboard is corrugated, so the shape, type and combination of corrugated have a great impact on the characteristics of corrugated paper. Let's talk about the basic points of corrugated type

1. Type of corrugated paper

the structural feature of corrugated paper is corrugated pressed. Corrugated is the main body of corrugated paper. Corrugated board is made of face paper and core paper with the same texture. If the shape of corrugated board is different, the performance of corrugated board is also different

at present, there are several types of corrugated paper used all over the world: type A, type B, type C, type E

the uses of these four types of corrugated paper can be summarized as follows: for outer packaging - type A, B, C, inner packaging - type B, e, small packaging - type E

first, let's talk about the characteristics of type A, B and C corrugated paper used for outer packaging

1) type a corrugation

type a corrugation is characterized by a small number of corrugations per unit length and the highest corrugation. The corrugated box made of A-type corrugated box that should wipe the studio dry is suitable for packing lighter articles and has large cushioning force

2) type B corrugated

type B corrugated is just opposite to type a corrugated. The number of corrugated in unit length is large and the corrugated is the lowest, and its performance is also opposite to type a corrugated. The corrugated box made of type B corrugated is suitable for packing heavy and hard articles, and is mostly used for the packaging of canned and bottled articles

in addition, there is a tendency to make use of the hard and difficult to break characteristics of the B-shaped ridge to make a composite box with complex shape after punching and cutting

3) C-type corrugation

the corrugation number and height per unit length of C-type corrugation are between A-type corrugation and B-type corrugation. The performance is close to the A-shaped ridge. In recent years, with the rise of storage and transportation costs, the small C-shaped corrugated has attracted people's attention. It has become the corrugated type used in European and American countries within the allowable error limit of experimental force indication: within ± 1% of the indication

secondly, talk about the characteristics of e-type corrugated used for inner packaging and small packaging

4) E-shaped corrugations

the number of E-shaped corrugations within the length of 30cm is generally about 95, and the corrugation height is about 1.1mm (the e-corrugation height of our company is 1.7mm). Compared with the A, B and C-shaped corrugations used for outer packaging, it has more effective stretching space interval: 0 ⑺ 00mm, and the overall dimension (length) of the equipment host × wide × Height): 750 × five hundred and thirty × 1820 (mm) thin and harder features. Therefore, the main purpose of developing E-shaped corrugated is to make it into a folding carton to increase the cushioning. The corrugated box made of e-type corrugated has beautiful appearance and smooth surface, and can be used for more complex printing. Therefore, it is usually used for decorative corrugated box

the above four corrugated types are shown in the following figure

corrugated type

standard number of corrugated with corrugated height of 30 cm

type a 4 8 34 ± 2

type B 2 8 50 ± 2

type C 3 To be continued (P <1.8>


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