Fieldbus Technology Tour seminar kicked off

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Fieldbus Technology Tour seminar kicked off

PROFIBUS international recently kicked off the two-month "fieldbus Profibus and PROFINET Technology Tour seminar" in Beijing, Changchun, Shanghai and other places

PROFIBUS is the fieldbus technology with the largest installed volume in the world. It can provide cost-effective solutions for factory automation, process automation, safety, drive and motion control

Mr. Custer, President of PROFIBUS international organization, said that "PROFIBUS has always occupied a pioneer position in the field of Fieldbus". This is mainly based on three reasons: it is the market leader of fieldbus, with more than 13 million installed nodes, much more than any other fieldbus; It has the most extensive product line, providing more than 2500 products; It also has many international famous automation manufacturers (such as abb, Siemens, etc.) to provide a series of products and products. 1. The pendulum impact testing machine needs to be operated by specially assigned personnel

driven by the national policy of "informatization drives industrialization" and safe production, fieldbus technology has been widely used in the field of factory automation in China. The measurement control technology of dynamic balancing machine has made rapid progress. How to further apply fieldbus technology to the field of process control (such as petroleum, chemical industry, etc.) to improve the technical level of automation in China's process industry is a problem of general concern. According to the introduction of China Mechatronics Technology Application Association, PROFIBUS is the only one that can not only meet the needs of batch and continuous production process, but also meet the requirements of upstream and downstream discrete processes. It should be based on the steel thickness fieldbus, especially suitable for hybrid systems. It is a technical standard widely accepted and widely applied by the international process automation industry

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