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"Core" technology, agility and green

through the first agile network architecture centered on business and user experience, Huawei introduced SDN into the campus network for the first time, and released the industry's most innovative first agile switch in August 2013. At the 2014 CeBIT exhibition in Hanover, Germany, held today, Huawei's agile switch s12700 became one of the highlights of the exhibition with three highlights: core technology, green and agile

ctiforum news on March 12 (Li Wenjie): Huawei's first agile switch s12700, the most innovative in the industry, has been widely concerned and recognized by the industry since its release on August 8, 2013. At present, the project has won the bid of 300 +, and its industrial applications cover government, finance, large enterprises, education, medical treatment, transportation, radio and television, etc. it has won unanimous praise from customers and media in various industries and won many awards in the industry. The global journey of Huawei's s12700 agile switch covers five continents, including the interop exhibition in New York, the GITEX technology week in Dubai, the Middle East, the ICT Carnival in the Philippines/Singapore, South Africa and Australia. At the 2014 CBIT exhibition in Germany, the agile switch s12700 became one of the highlights of this exhibition

since the exhibition, agile exchange s12700 has attracted the attention of many customers, mainly including German, British, 107 fine stoneware brick, Irish, Russian, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other enterprise customers. All guests stopped to watch the star product s12700 agile switch. Liu Shaowei, President of Huawei enterprise network product line, also introduced the innovation of the agile park to customers, and how to make the network architecture have intelligent brain and agile limbs through the controller and agile switch, so as to realize the transformation from focusing on business and user experience

Liu Shao, President of enterprise network product line, at the temperature of 85 ℃ The tensile strength retention rate reached 94% after 1000 hours of high temperature and high humidity test in 85% RH humidity environment. Wei introduced agile switch to customers

agile switch s12700 appeared in CeBIT exhibition

highlight 1: the only switch with core technology in the domestic IP field

agile switch s12700 adopts the industry's first fully programmable chip specially developed by Huawei for Ethernet forwarding - Ethernet network processor ENP (Ethernet network processor) 。 ENP has built-in hardware acceleration components and on-chip integration smart mem. Engineer Yang is the manager and high-speed search algorithm responsible for the research and development of PA products in the technology center. While retaining the cost, power consumption and performance advantages of traditional switch ASIC, ENP has more flexible and fully programmable ability. At the same time, ENP has made key breakthroughs in large table items, large cache and other aspects. Agile switch s12700 adopts this innovative ENP chip, redefines the Ethernet forwarding technology, and becomes a new standard for the core forwarding technology of Ethernet switch

aspect 2: let the network serve the business more quickly

Huawei agile switch s12700 adopts a fully programmable architecture to flexibly and quickly meet the customized needs of customers. Huawei IPCA (packet conservation algorithm for Internet) technology solves the problem of IP best effort forwarding. It adopts the first packet conservation algorithm to enable the network to perceive IP quality and ensure business experience and rapid fault location. The industry's unique SVF technology realizes the centralized control of network equipment and simplifies management and maintenance. The innovative hardware cluster CSS2 technology has the advantages of simplified network management, high reliability and low delay of cluster cross frame forwarding. Based on a series of innovative ideas and agile technologies, help customers realize:

business agility - the world's first business accompanying network

management agility - the world's first network that can perceive IP Quality

Evolution agility - the world's first software defined Park Network

aspect 3: all products have passed the EU green certification

since the launch of EU environmental protection regulations in 2002, Green and energy-saving products have always been a topic of great concern to customers in Western Europe. TUV green product certification has been a highly recognized certification system in the EU market for many years. Huawei has always regarded green communication, green Huawei and green world as the company's strategic concept, and runs through all product development activities. In 2014, Huawei sx7 series frame switches (s12700/s9700/s7700 series switches) successfully passed the green product certification of TUV Rheinland. It is the only Ethernet switch product in the industry that has won the green mark of TUV Rheinland

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