Core technology is the soft rib of wire and cable

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The scale and level of manufacturing industry is an important symbol to measure the comprehensive strength and modernization of a country (or region). Thanks to the structural transfer of global wire and cable manufacturing industry, rich human resources and broad market space, China's cable manufacturing industry has achieved amazing production capacity in the past few years, and its output has continuously exceeded Japan and the United States. Now it ranks first in the world. Learn about the installation, commissioning and operation procedures of hydraulic universal material testing machine

however, the achievements of China's cable manufacturing industry can not hide the gap between China and the world-class cable manufacturing power. China's cable manufacturing industry is still dominated by China's low-end cable and safety shell products, and China's cable and safety shell products still need to be improved as a whole. For example, China's cable manufacturing industry is still dominated by China's low-end cable and safety shell products High end marine cables, EHV and UHV cable products, etc

therefore, although China has been put on the high hat of "world factory" by many Westerners, in the post industrial era, this crown does not contain much gold, but more means "subcontracting power" and "processing power". Looking at today's pyramid shaped world division of labor system, the United States is naturally at the top of the tower, which plays a leading role in formulating and revising world economic rules; Developed countries in the EU, Japan and other countries can participate in the formulation and revision of world economic rules, but sometimes it also depends on the US. If it is pressed, please turn it on; As for China, although it is difficult to limit its future development, it can only passively accept the existing world economic rules under the current international economic situation

the experience of economic development history tells us that without a strong manufacturing industry, there can be no economic power and power. However, what is particularly worrying for us is that China's cable manufacturing industry will be at the middle and low level of international division of labor in the foreseeable future. The overall technical strength of Chinese manufacturing enterprises is still very weak, and the economic efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises are not high. A few cable manufacturing enterprises have mainly reached the standards of world-class enterprises in terms of scale. If measured by comprehensive indicators such as brand, technology, management and profitability, there is still a huge gap with world-class multinational corporations

and the lack of core technology of independent innovation is the biggest weakness of China's cable manufacturing enterprises. At present, the current situation of the development of China's cable manufacturing industry is that some key areas of industrial technology are deeply dependent on foreign technology, and many high-tech and high value-added products are mainly imported. In terms of core patents in the industrial field, China is basically controlled by others; In some key technologies, high-tech content and high value-added products, China mostly depends on imports

it is noteworthy that developed countries are taking various measures to try to control China's cable manufacturing industry. Among them, the transnational investment with China as the destination is the most hidden and dangerous. For a long time, although the influx of multinational corporations has brought more advanced technology and management to China, promoted employment and tax growth, and activated local enterprises to a certain extent, this is an undeniable fact; But another undeniable thing is that China has lost or is losing its dominance


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