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Application advantages of line butterfly valve in high-performance anti-corrosion series

the application advantages of line butterfly valve in high-performance anti-corrosion series are shown in the following aspects due to the important contribution of automobile lightweight to energy conservation and emission reduction:

1. The two-piece valve rod is connected without pin, with simple and compact structure and extremely convenient maintenance and disassembly (field disassembly and assembly); The disc plate has the function of automatic alignment (up, down, left and right), which realizes the small interference fit between the disc plate and the valve seat

2. The tongue and groove valve seat can ensure the accurate connection of the open screen switch between the valve body, valve seat and disc plate, and it is also convenient to replace the valve seat

3. The world's advanced spherical sealing pair is adopted, making the sealing more reliable. Due to the spherical seal, the valve is smooth and excessive when opening and closing, so friction is reduced and torque is reduced. A low-power driving device can be selected to reduce the cost of users. At the same time, the service life of the valve seat is increased (times of that of the ordinary center line valve)

4. The sealing surface of the valve seat flange adopts the structure of large wide edge and large arc, so that the valve can fully meet the requirements of socket or welding flange connection, and is suitable for connection with any standard flange

5. For the axial positioning device of valve rod, two gaskets and a pair of open rings are used. However, due to the decrease of cobalt, manganese/aluminum and the spring snap ring structure. In this way, the valve rod can also be effectively prevented from being inadvertently disassembled. At the same time, it can bear a certain axial force and prevent the weight of the valve rod from being transferred to the butterfly plate

6. The valve rod sealing ring plays a two-way sealing role, that is, to prevent the invasion of foreign substances and prevent the outflow of media

7. The shaft sleeve not only supports the valve rod, but also reduces the opening and closing torque. At present, there are two kinds of shaft sleeves for users to choose, namely, lubricated bronze and polytetrafluoroethylene

8. As the valve body itself replaces the backrest of the ordinary valve seat, the overall strength of the valve is increased, so that it can reach the nominal pressure of 20kg that cannot be achieved by the ordinary centerline butterfly valve

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