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Baling Petrochemical implemented 8 major projects to promote operation transformation on September 18, Baling Petrochemical held the launching and awarding ceremony of 8 major projects of operation transformation and announced the overall implementation plan of Baling Petrochemical operation transformation project. Under the guidance of McKinsey & company, it has become the main purpose of Baling Petrochemical to promote operation transformation to strengthen lean management, speed up structural optimization, so as to improve driving comfort, and comprehensively turn losses into profits

in mid June, Sinopec decided to take Baling Petrochemical as the object of operation diagnosis, and organized the world-renowned McKinsey consulting company to conduct a four week operation diagnosis on equipment, energy efficiency and quality, so as to find out the potential for improvement. In order to help enterprises realize their potential and improve system and organization construction, McKinsey and Baling Petrochemical jointly started a 14 week operation transformation project in mid August if the spring installed on the vehicle has not been strictly tested

Baling Petrochemical has made it clear that the overall objective of the operation transformation project is to focus on the company's development strategy, strengthen basic management, build a Baling Petrochemical Business Management System (CBS) that is suitable for the company's strategic transformation requirements, conforms to the characteristics of leading industries and is easy to replicate and promote in about three years, and realize the continuous improvement of the operation management level and the first-class operation effect under the effective operation mechanism of the system, Provide strong support for the construction of a world-class non ethylene fine chemical enterprise

the company has set up a steering committee, a project co leading group and a joint working group according to the three levels of command, coordination and implementation. The joint working group consists of five working groups: Operation Transformation office, strategic development, operation optimization, energy efficiency improvement and quality improvement. In accordance with the requirements of the "five steps" of operation transformation, the project is promoted with the support of McKinsey consulting team, and gradually realizes the overall promotion of the whole company by means of pilot first and rolling promotion, which is divided into five stages: preparation, diagnosis, design, implementation of rectification and summary and solidification

in combination with the current reality, Baling Petrochemical has determined 8 specific operation transformation projects directly managed by the company and implemented the team leader responsibility system. Among them, n-tech, a world-renowned supplier of market research and industry analysis of advanced and intelligent materials, released the 2015 (2) 020 market analysis report on color changing materials. McKinsey's consulting team supported and guided the implementation of three projects: "quality improvement of caprolactam and CIS polybutadiene rubber", "optimization of raw coal and improvement of gasifier conversion rate" and "optimization of power coal procurement, and improvement of power plant boiler efficiency and energy efficiency management", Relevant units learned from McKinsey's method and implemented five projects, namely, "hydrogen and liquid ammonia balance", "oil refining optimization", "overall efficiency improvement and long-term operation of equipment", "inventory control" and "reducing material consumption". It is reported that the total short-term (six-month) benefits of the eight major projects are expected to exceed 100million yuan

recently, the joint working group has identified about 78million yuan of short-term benefit improvement space in the three aspects of caprolactam process control, energy efficiency improvement, feed coal and pressurized coal gasification in the analysis stage of three quick win projects. Seven quick win projects have been approved and implemented, and it is expected to obtain about 8million yuan of annual benefit in three months

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