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Shenzhen Henggang transformer installation company - what are the basic requirements for transformer operation

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Shenzhen Henggang transformer installation Co., Ltd. refers to a distribution transformer, which refers to a static electrical appliance used in the distribution system to transfer AC energy by changing AC voltage and current according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Chinese transformer products can generally be divided into ultra-high voltage (750kV and above), ultra-high voltage (500kV) transformers, kV transformers, and 35kV and below transformers according to voltage grade. Distribution transformer usually refers to the power transformer that directly supplies power to end users with voltage class of kV and capacity of 6300KVA and below. Next, there are 9 combinations of them in Shenzhen. Henggang transformer installation company will introduce the basic requirements for the operation of distribution transformers. Let's have a look

1. The transformer cooling device and accessories are free of defects and oil leakage

2. The paint shall be in good condition, with correct, clear and complete colors and marks

3. For oil immersed transformers with capacity above 800kVA, the oil drainage facilities shall be complete, and the long pipe fire-fighting facilities forming a snake shall be complete

4. The connection between the grounding down lead and the main grounding shall be good

5. The casing surface shall be clean and free of cracks and scars. The completed test report and test curve can be printed in real time by voltage regulation. The tapping position of the change-over switch of the test curve is correct

6. It shall be equipped with corresponding nameplate and marked with operation number and phase, and warning signs shall be hung

7. When the transformer is running, it shall be able to safely check the bushing oil level and top oil temperature of the oil storage tank. The temperature of each phase shall be clearly seen in the thousand type transformer

8. The indoor transformer shall have sufficient ventilation to avoid excessive temperature of the transformer. The transformer room door shall be made of flame-retardant or non combustible materials. The transformer room door shall be opened outwards. The name and operation deviation number of the transformer shall be marked on the door. A sign board "stop, high voltage danger" shall be hung outside the door

9. The transformer (in operation) shall have its technical archives

operation specification for distribution transformer_ Basic requirements for the operation of distribution transformer and the conditions for one crystal clear plastic rice product to be put into the packaging bag printed with "Jinmin we work" logo

II. Operating conditions of distribution transformer:

l. the primary voltage applied by the operating transformer shall not exceed 105% of the voltage value of the corresponding tap (on-off) and the maximum load shall not exceed the rated capacity of the transformer

2. The top oil temperature of oil immersed transformer shall not exceed 85 'C, and that of thousand type transformer shall not exceed 125*c

3. When the transformer = phase load is not parallel, the maximum phase current shall be monitored

4. The parallel operation of distribution transformers shall meet the following conditions:

1) the rated voltage is equal, and the allowable difference of voltage ratio is ± 0.5%

2) short circuit impedance shall not exceed 10%

3) same phase sequence

4) equal capacity shall not exceed 3:1. When transformers with different short-circuit impedance are operated in parallel, the secondary voltage of transformers with high short-circuit impedance can be appropriately increased to make full use of the capacity of transformers operating in parallel

5. No transformer running in parallel shall be overloaded

the above introduction is over. If necessary, you are welcome to contact Shenzhen Henggang transformer installation company. In order to ensure the normal use of electricity by the people of the city, please pay attention to the safe and economical use of electricity. In case of power failure, please call our emergency repair service. We will organize the emergency repair work as soon as possible and restore the power supply as soon as possible

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