Vanke Golf 280 square Chinese decoration effect dr

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Community: Vanke golf

house type: Villa

area: 280 square meters

decoration style: new Chinese

decoration cost: about 240000

decoration company: Yezhifeng decoration

decoration bidding:

more renderings:

Guide: the sun shines on the courtyard, and the breeze gently touches the cheek, filled with the elegance of scholarly family, quiet and peaceful, warm and elegant, revealing the elegance of the host and another understanding of life

Design Description:

1. Move the stairs located in the middle of the entrance hall of guests and meals to the new sunshine room

2. Adjust the position of the entrance door of the south bedroom on the first floor, and close the original door opening as the video wall of the living room

3. Connect the primary and secondary sanitary rooms with a small area on the first floor and transform them into functional toilets with dry and wet partitions

4. Remove the partition wall of the north bedroom and set the function as an open restaurant

5. Use the Chinese style style pass to separate the porch space in the lobby space, and make an embedded shoe and hat cabinet at the entrance and exit

6. Close the separate door opening on the second floor and build a south facing sunshine platform

7. The double guard on the second floor is a single guard

8. Adjust the position of the entrance door of south facing bedroom B on the second floor, and set up two independent bedrooms

9. Adjust the position of the entrance door of north bedroom C to increase the study space

10. Use the back-to-back storage closet as the partition between the study and the bedroom, and a group of hidden lockers

bathroom: we found imperial yellow tiles in Wrigley tiles, which are also equipped with a return waist line with Chinese elements, so that the Chinese theme runs through





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