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On March 29, the general office of Shenyang Municipal People's government announced the list of the first batch of policies for the Liaoning pilot Free Trade Zone in which China's scientific and technological achievements have been emerging in recent years. Among them, 19 items were copied and promoted throughout the city, In Shenyang area, 86 items were copied and promoted using traditional technology, a total of 105 items. The publication of the first list of policies marks another step forward in the construction of the free trade zone. It is reported that Shenyang area of Liaoning pilot free trade zone will be officially listed in the near future

the 19 items to be replicated and promoted throughout the city are: one-stop administrative examination and approval; Simple cancellation of the enterprise; Encourage the supply of land by means of "combination of lease and concession, lease before concession", and allow the listing of industrial projects; Electronic business license, exploring the electronic registration management of the whole process of enterprise registration, etc

copy and promote 86 items in Shenyang area and tighten them in real time;, It includes the creation of Shenyang "free trade cloud" comprehensive service information platform, the plug-in sleeve of enterprise registered household appliance socket and the residence registration reform of connecting terminals made of flame-retardant materials, the establishment of "one chapter approval, immediate seal and one day settlement" for enterprises, the project approval "substituting planning for projects", the construction of a "single window" for international trade, the implementation of the Northeast talent return plan, the reduction of investment restrictions, the improvement of customs clearance efficiency A series of measures have been taken to facilitate cross-border financing, and efforts have been made to reduce institutional transaction costs, so that enterprises can take the lead and seize business opportunities

Shenyang will implement the policy list in stages according to the principle of "easy before difficult" in combination with the actual situation of Shenyang area of Liaoning pilot free trade zone. By the end of july2017, it will mainly implement matters related to the practical transformation of government functions and the promotion of trade transformation and upgrading; By the end of December, we will mainly implement issues related to opening up and innovation in the financial sector; According to the actual situation, we will timely promote issues related to electronic business license, bonded storage business of aviation materials and aviation oil, investment and loan linkage of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, etc. The Management Committee of Shenyang area of Liaoning pilot free trade zone will establish a communication and liaison mechanism and hold regular joint meetings

The list of 105 reform policies was determined by Shenyang on the basis of learning from the innovation experience of pilot free trade zones such as Shanghai and Fujian. Shenyang area enjoys the policy advantages of "four zones" superimposed by the national comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zone, the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, the National High-tech Industrial Development Zone and the national industry city integration demonstration zone, forming the innovation and development advantages of "double self linkage" between the free trade pilot zone and the national independent innovation demonstration zone. It will enjoy a series of policy support in industrial development, scientific and technological innovation, project financing and other ways

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