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Shenyiren, vice president of oppo: the folding screen has no great value at present.

Samsung has determined to hold a new product launch on February 20. In addition to the S10 series, Samsung will officially release its first folding screen at that time. Huawei has also confirmed that it will release the first 5g collapsible screen on MWC. Xiaomi and vivo's high terminal brand iqoo have exposed their own foldable screens. Earlier, it was also reported that oppo could not deny that the powerful place of graphene would display the foldable screen on MWC. However, on February 15, shenyiren, vice president of oppo, said on his microblog that he did not think the folding screen was of great value at present

recently, oppo announced the publicity video of the new machine oppo F11 Pro overseas. The machine adopts a pop-up camera design with a full front screen. Some media speculate that the machine should be oppo R19 Series in China. In response, Shen Yiren refuted the rumor on his microblog, "it's not R19. This year, there is no R19."

at the same time, Shen Yiren also responded to a friend who said that oppo was likely to launch a "folding screen", saying: "I have experienced the engineering prototype of the folding machine, and I think that the folding screen is not of great value until it has not solved the problem of how to improve the interaction or experience of users."

according to Shen Yiren's statement, oppo will not launch a new folding screen machine in the near future. However, according to the MWC invitation letter previously issued by oppo, oppo will launch 10x hybrid optical zoom and optical domain screen fingerprint technology

in addition, in an interview with Qualcomm China in January this year, oppo CEO chenmingyong said that facing the 5g + era, it will still be the core of the integration of all things and convenient maintenance. He wanted to replace it with a piece of cake; In addition, oppo will continue to cultivate this core business and will soon launch new smart products equipped with Xiaolong 855 mobile platform

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