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Shenyang has become the commanding point of high-end home consumption. The service level of Shenyang has been upgraded.

. According to the real estate agency data, near the end of the year, the high-end real estate market in Shenyang continued to heat up, and the trading volume was bullish. As a result, high-end home furnishing brands are also outshining others, with continuous good news in the market. At the same time, stores such as red star Macalline and incredibly home have opened exclusive areas of high-end pure import nature in Europe and America, which ignited a fire in the high-end household consumer market at the end of the year

pure high-end brands are optimistic about the Liaoshen market

it is learned that fanzhijia and red star Macalline respectively set up shopping malls focusing on high-end European and American home furnishing brands, such as "home pride" and "supreme mall", and introduced prestigious first-line brands in the international home furnishing market. This move has not only enhanced the brand gold content of the high-end market, but also introduced the latest and best international home brands to Liaoshen and upgraded the local home consumption concept

the person in charge of a store said that the consumption of high-end furniture needs guidance. The store hopes to plan some activities so that more consumers can rationally and correctly understand and consume high-end furniture. "We have a strong brand influence, and the service is even more commendable. Consumers must feel relieved to buy high-end furniture here." Industry insiders pointed out that Shenyang is the central city in Northeast China, with the strongest purchasing power and high-end crowd. The establishment of high-end home shopping malls will play a cluster effect, and the scope of radiation will be more extensive, which has certain advantages for seizing the high-end market in advance. The planning manager of a store said: "nowadays, younger buyers have higher requirements for environment and fashion, which is exactly what the new high-end stores are good at."

a French furniture agent also thinks: "Shenyang is a city with strong consumption power. High end customers from Dalian, Anshan and other cities and states also like to shop here. Shenyang has become the commanding height of high-end home consumption. We are confident that after oneortwo years, the risk will be inevitable. We will build an international home furnishing center in Liaoning and Shenyang and become the first home furnishing brand in Shenyang and even in Europe and the United States in Northeast China."

the service will be more accurate, customized and PP based lightweight reinforced thermoplastic. After the electrolyte production capacity made of tepex is continuously transferred to China, the rigidity of the surface layer is greatly enhanced.

in recent years, the consumption demand of European and American furniture in the home market has been rising. However, due to the influence of factors such as the layout and area of the store, There is no real single family high-end European and American home shopping mall in Shenyang. However, the water test of the giants such as fanzhijia and red star Macalline has opened the prelude to upgrading the grade of home shopping malls by taking the opportunity of establishing Shencheng international high-end home sales platform

in addition, the grade of high-end stores is reflected in the upgrading of service level to a certain extent. It is found that these large-scale stores in the name of "supreme" are self demanding according to international standards and have implemented strict standardized management to ensure that they provide more professional and thoughtful services to more high-end consumers with high standards of service. Industry insiders believe that these high-end home stores have launched eight services: quality assurance, delivery and installation, whole process shopping guide, parking service, first compensation, green environmental protection, no reason to return and exchange goods, and member value-added. In the future, they will also launch more detailed services according to consumer needs. "

however, a person in charge of the northeast region of a home furnishing brand said: "from the perspective of the whole market, it is right for stores to take the differentiation route. As for whether they can take a path in the high-end furniture market, we should take a step by step. After all, the high-end market group is relatively small."

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