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Force control technology (Shenyang) training class was held on the 24th. Beijing 3D force control technology Co., Ltd. Shenyang Branch will hold a force control software application technology training class for two days on September 24 and 25, 2009. The training course will be explained by engineers of force control technology who have many years of engineering practice and rich on-site technical service experience

basic content: structure of force control software; Use of project manager; Create an instance of force control application project; Development environment of force control software; Use of variables; Real time database configuration; Configuration of animation connection; Write action script; Alarms and events; Real time trend and historical trend curve; Historical report and universal report; The specimen of the force control strategy generator is configured for fracture toughness test under the alternating load generated by the exciter; Safety management of operation system

in the future, we will launch training arrangements for other related industries. You can contact us in advance according to your schedule. We hope you will continue to pay attention to and support our work

※ detailed training contents

production of expert statement pairs, monthly reports and annual reports, realization of query and printing functions, and experience of other powerful functions

※ training expenses

this training provides free lunch and learning materials, and exquisite gifts are sent at the end of the study. The opportunity is rare. Welcome to sign up

※ training location: the first floor of the computer center of Northeastern University

※ please contact us for the training course:

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