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Shenxiaolong, general manager of Tongchuan Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a speech entitled "a little experience from industrial robot to core components" at the 2018 annual conference of higher engineering robots with the theme of "time for robots to enter China" on December 17 at Venus Royal Hotel (Bao'an Shajing) in Shenzhen

Tongchuan technology, founded in 2012, was mainly engaged in non-standard automation from 2012 to 2013. In 2014, Tongchuan technology began to develop industrial robots, and its main business is still non-standard automation. In 2015, Tongchuan launched the sales business of stamping manipulators. Shenxiaolong recalled that at that time, the core components were still controlled by others and the control system was not well done. Therefore, some businesses were carried out with stamping manipulators and some achievements were made

2016, Tongchuan science and technology started to research and develop cooperative robots and harmonic reducers, hoping that cooperative robots can be industrialized and replicated on a large scale. Therefore, harmonic reducers have also been put into use. By 2017, Tongchuan technology officially purchased the world's most advanced harmonic reducer processing equipment, and increased the research and development of harmonic reducer. After the business development in 2016 and 2017, the robot business was officially reduced in 2018, and the strategy focused on the harmonic reducer business

next, shenxiaolong talked about robot integration. At the customer's site, customers often say: "I want a set of automatic production equipment that can be produced 24 hours a day, which can be compatible with the main products I currently produce, and the switching time should be short. My budget is that the equipment can save 1-2 years of labor cost."

since the robot itself is only a flexible unit, it needs to rely on some mature process conditions on the customer's site to replace the real labor. This has troubled integrators: first, the cost of a robot body may be one year higher than the current labor cost; Second, robots need to add a lot of peripheral equipment or tools to replace the existing manual; Third, the labor cost invested in technology development may be higher than the labor cost that can be saved

"therefore, in addition to loading and unloading, most of the orders reached by some automated equipment we really contact may not only focus on saving manpower." Shenxiaolong said

at the stage of actual equipment delivery, there are still two major problems. First of all, due to the non-standard incoming materials, the engineers' ignorance of the process and the unclear quality standards, the integrators are trapped in endless after-sales and design changes; Secondly, due to the large investment in equipment, the flexibility is not as good as that of manual work, and the equipment stability is poor, the customer began to seriously consider robot automation

the result of market evolution is that simple robot loading and unloading has become the stranglehold of most robot manufacturers and integrators, so as to achieve the balance of return on investment. Only in this way can sales be driven; Enterprises that can combine robot + process + peripheral equipment are more competitive

in general, Tongchuan technology has completed the complete experience from integration to robot and then to core components. In shenxiaolong's view, there are opportunities hidden behind these problems: robot technology needs to be improved, and intelligence and process integration are the direction that robot manufacturers really need to work on, rather than hardware assembly and price war; Integrators should focus on their own vertical fields, get through the upstream and downstream equipment and process integration, and create comprehensive solution experts in a certain field; The opportunity of the whole industry will come from inflation. If the size of the labor force is within a specific range or within the scope specified by the standards, the further rise of the cost and the further development of technology will promote the prosperity of the industry

with regard to the perception in the field of robot ontology, shenxiaolong believes that the key word is "intelligence". Under the condition of good quality and reliability, reducing the use cost of end users is a great contribution to the industry; The future technology competition comes from software AI and the cognition of production process; The current cooperative robot needs further development, and now it is more like a modular lightweight ordinary industrial robot

shenxiaolong stressed that enterprises should pay attention to the real-time performance of the system platform: "most people may choose to make a real-time patch for the control system, but we often ignore the real-time performance of the controller system when talking about the control algorithm, because it will directly affect the accuracy of control."

in addition, the software architecture of the system may be more important than various functional algorithms, and will determine the stability of the controller; It is more important to pay attention to the customer's experience than to blindly pursue the progressiveness of the algorithm

returning to harmonic reducer is the main business of Tongchuan. Shenxiaolong uses a vivid metaphor to describe the harmonic reducer: "advanced medical suture, new intraocular lens, intelligent drug controlled-release ophthalmic implant materials and product preparation technology; new plastic materials with good biocompatibility, no or low side effects, new anti adhesion materials after surgery, and new equipment preparation technology for family planning. She is very delicate, like a noble female artist, and needs all kinds of care."

the installation coaxiality greatly affects the working performance and service life of the reducer; Impact is the old enemy of the harmonic reducer, so the harmonic reducer may not be the best robot transmission solution, and we expect lighter and more rigid products. "We are also discussing with some foreign technology innovators, and we look forward to finding better products to replace the harmonic reducer." Shenxiaolong said

shenxiaolong believes that at the current stage, Tongchuan is still learning from HD's big brother in terms of quality and reliability, adhering to positive theoretical research and development, ensuring sufficient understanding of products, in order to deal with various problems and subsequent product innovation, and adopting the same key manufacturing equipment and process as HD to ensure the quality and mass production capacity of strong fortress products to cope with market changes

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