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On September 23, 2020, the mayor of Shenzhen, Chen Rugui, delivered a speech during Huawei connect 2020. He said that Shenzhen is actively seizing the major opportunity of the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area and Shenzhen leading demonstration area, striving to build a global benchmark city. In particular, it will rely on the advanced technology of Huawei and other technology enterprises to build Pengcheng intelligent body, Make every effort to create a national model city of digital economy

chenrugui, mayor of Shenzhen, delivered a speech.

chenrugui said that Shenzhen is an international innovative city, an important base for the R & D, production and export of the global electronic information industry, and has gathered a number of backbone enterprises such as Huawei. The scale of the electronic information industry accounts for about 1/6 of the country and 1/10 of the world. It has a pioneering advantage in building a smart city and developing the digital economy. This shows that the material has changed from a ductile state to a brittle state. Shenzhen has built a smart city relying on Huawei and other technology enterprises, further promoting the scientific, refined, humanized and quality of urban governance. At present, Shenzhen's digital government service capability and smart city construction level are among the highest in the country and the world. In August this year, more than 46000 5g base stations were built in Shenzhen, which took the lead in the world to achieve full coverage of 5g independent groups, and took the lead in entering the 5g era, adding wings to the construction of smart cities

Chen Rugui said that at present, through the construction of a smart city, Shenzhen has realized scientific and technological empowerment, digital transformation and cloud action, accelerated the iterative upgrading of the electronic information industry, and continuously improved its urban governance and government service capabilities. In Shenzhen, 98% of the administrative examination and approval items have been handled on the Internet, and about 95% of the administrative licensing items have achieved zero movement, making it easier for enterprises and citizens to handle affairs. Through the construction of the city's AI intelligent signal, there are 10 points of good energy-saving effect and comprehensive economic benefits. Intelligent transportation services, such as one light control, capture the plastic waste that gathers together with the movement of water. The traffic speed of motor vehicles in urban peak hours should be turned off, and the source of the main motor should be increased by 10%, reaching the world-class level. The construction of smart airport has fully realized face washing boarding and intelligent allocation of parking slots. The punctuality rate of airport departure flights has reached 90%, ranking among the top in the world's large airports, and the average waiting time of passengers has been reduced by nearly 40%. Shenzhen has realized the interconnection and mutual recognition of medical examination and imaging examination results of all hospitals. With the support of intelligent medical services, it has saved about 40 minutes of queuing time for patients on average, and reduced the medical expenses of patients by more than 40million yuan each year. Especially in this epidemic prevention and control, Shenzhen gave full play to the role of a smart city, adhered to scientific and technological anti epidemic and intelligent prevention and control, and widely applied 5g telemedicine and other new technologies and means, effectively improving the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control

Chen Rugui pointed out that Shenzhen is actively seizing the major opportunity of the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Great Bay area and Shenzhen's leading demonstration area, striving to create a city example of a socialist modern power and a global benchmark city. Relying on the advanced technologies of Huawei and other technology enterprises, the government is building Pengcheng intelligent agent, creating a digital base, urban perception system and ubiquitous connection network for smart cities, and building an advanced urban intelligent hub with artificial intelligence as the core. The government will issue relevant supporting policies, seize 5g development opportunities, launch more application scenarios, vigorously develop industrial interconnection and industrial interconnection, support the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises, and make every effort to create a national model city of digital economy

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