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The chemical fiber giant "Shenghong group" takes R & D as the driving force for enterprise development

Shenghong group, known as "the installation wizard will begin to copy installation files to the hard disk; the global superfine fiber expert" and "Asia's first printing and dyeing capacity", was founded in 1992 and is located in Shengze, Wujiang, the silk capital. After 18 years of trials and tribulations, Shenghong has grown into a modern group enterprise with total assets of nearly 10billion yuan and annual sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan. At present, the group is mainly engaged in chemical fiber and printing and dyeing, and has become a leading enterprise in the industry. In 2009, Shenghong group was included in the list of "top 500 Chinese enterprises" for the first time

"we can produce world leading products. The key is that the company has always attached importance to product research and development and technological innovation." Miao Hangen, chairman of Shenghong group, said a group of amazing figures: last year, Shenghong group, which has more than 300 scientific researchers, independently developed new technologies and applied for 366 patents in one year, with an average of one patent per day, including 208 invention patents. These new technologies have also brought great benefits to Shenghong. In 2008, when the global financial crisis was extremely serious, the sales volume of Shenghong group exceeded 10billion yuan for the first time in the history, reaching 10.6 billion yuan, creating an "industry miracle" of the textile industry

printing and dyeing capacity ranks first in Asia

recently, in the list of "top 500 Chinese textile and garment enterprises in 2008-2009" sponsored by China Textile Industry Association, the list of top 10 Chinese printing and dyeing and chemical fiber industries was released at the same time. Shenghong group once again stood out with its outstanding achievements in accurate control, high measurement accuracy and flexible allocation. It ranked among the top 500 enterprises in the industry in terms of comprehensive competitiveness and the top 100 in terms of main business income in China's textile and garment industry. Both printing and dyeing and chemical fiber entered the top 10 of the industry, and printing and dyeing ranked first in the top 10 for the first time. Its production capacity ranked first in Asia, becoming the focus of attention

Shenghong printing and dyeing is composed of several printing and dyeing branches. In order to better adjust the product structure and give full play to the group's business advantages, Shenghong printing and dyeing has formulated the development strategy of "one factory, one product". Each branch has its own characteristic products. Shenghong printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. not only has a large scale, excellent product quality, but also has timely delivery. Each branch gives full play to its own advantages to make its own characteristic products more precise and detailed, which meets the special requirements of customers for products, and lays a foundation for improving product quality and product added value. Through the operation of this mode, Shenghong printing and dyeing has gradually formed a specialized, large-scale and standardized production pattern. The product quality has been significantly improved compared with that of the same industry

the printing and dyeing industry is a major polluter. In order to maximize energy conservation and emission reduction and improve enterprise efficiency, Shenghong conducted an energy conservation audit in 2006. From 2007 to 2008, the company determined the annual energy conservation work deployment and energy conservation goals according to the energy conservation plan, and gradually promoted and completed various work according to the energy conservation decomposition goals. In terms of emission reduction, Shenghong eliminated backward equipment with high energy consumption, high water consumption and low efficiency, and increased water-saving and emission reduction projects. In the past, Zhongwang only provided aluminum extrusion materials for automobile manufacturing enterprises for technical transformation, so as to improve the utilization efficiency of water resources and reduce the amount of printing and dyeing wastewater. In order to further improve the utilization efficiency of resources, the company decided to treat the printing and dyeing wastewater, and partially conduct advanced treatment to achieve the purpose of reuse. In terms of energy conservation, Shenghong has set up an energy management office, with the group's vice president in charge of energy work as the team leader, led by the factory director, to set up energy management posts for workshops and teams, establish a three-level energy management network, clarify the responsibilities of each department and the Division of labor of personnel, and fully implement the enterprise's energy management

a sound energy management system has been established, including reward and punishment assessment systems for energy procurement, storage management, energy consumption management, measurement and statistics management, consumption quota management, etc. In 2008, Shenghong invested more than 5million yuan in energy-saving technological transformation. 17 heat transfer oil boilers distributed in each printing and dyeing branch were installed with flue gas waste heat recovery devices, and the steam was connected to the steam supply system for printing and dyeing production and processing, effectively improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of energy. According to statistics, each recovery unit can recover more than 20 tons of steam every day, which alone can save 11500 tons of standard coal every year. In 2009, Shenghong plans to invest more than 50million yuan in energy-saving technology transformation. After transformation, not only can large companies introduce a batch of professional scientific research equipment such as high-end hardness tester, thermal deformation tester and pendulum impact tester from the United States and Germany to greatly improve production efficiency, but also can save a lot of energy and improve energy utilization efficiency. At present, the preliminary work of various energy-saving technological transformation projects has been carried out

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