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Inner Mongolia has taken a number of measures to improve the service quality of 12122 call center

it was learned yesterday that Inner Mongolia Expressway settlement management service center will take targeted measures to better improve the quality of 12122 customer service and strive to improve its ability to serve the public

from February 7 to 14, the 12122 call center was overloaded for 24 hours, especially from February 13, 6 to 23, reaching its peak, with more than 11000 people answering. The first transmission mode is stable. During the Spring Festival, the traffic volume of 1.5mm thick usu304 stainless steel scooters on the expressway is huge, which coincides with the severe weather of heavy snowfall and cooling in the central and western regions of our region. Some expressways have implemented traffic control, resulting in a surge in traffic during the centralized period. In addition, 12122 customer service seats are limited, which makes many people's inquiries unable to be connected immediately and brings inconvenience to public travel

to this end, the settlement management service center of Inner Mongolia Expressway association has specially formulated the following measures: improve emergency measures, in case of bad weather, send additional staff from Latin America to Asia Pacific in advance, increase customer service seats, and better provide services for public consultation; Strengthen the upgrading and transformation of system software. For users who cannot be connected immediately due to busy seats, the computer voice broadcast will be used to kindly remind users to wait patiently in the way of changing the electromechanical speed report, so as to win users' understanding; At the peak of calls, for users who fail to connect, it is planned to feed back the latest road conditions and traffic information to users through SMS notification; Through the public service platforms such as Inner Mongolia Expressway electronic non-stop toll service platform, Inner Mongolia etc station and the media timely update the road conditions and other relevant information, so as to facilitate the public to consult through multiple channels; Strengthen the professional knowledge training of customer service personnel, and improve the service quality, efficiency and level

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