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Marken launched 18 series of digital low-cost heat transfer printer

on November 9, "Marken user technology exchange conference" was held in the crown hall on the 5th floor of Shanghai Meilun hotel. At the meeting, makin company shared with users makin's latest product - 18 series digital low-cost heat transfer printer at the international architecture exhibition held in Las Vegas

Jiangshanming, the channel development manager of series 18 products, pointed out: "the launch of series 18 conforms to the needs of the current coding market. It is between inkjet printer and hot coding, filling a gap in the market. It not only meets users' requirements for high-quality and digital coding, but also meets users' psychological expectations in terms of price. Therefore, series 18 is bound to become the trend of market development."

18 series is a simple and completely digital coding solution, which can provide the high-definition printing quality and stability of heat transfer printing, realize product traceability and easy operation. However, its price is significantly lower than that of heat transfer equipment and high-end inkjet printer in the current market, and its cost is almost the same or even lower than that of low-end inkjet printer, hot printing and other traditional technologies. Moreover, maken's heat transfer equipment has been installed more than 40000 units worldwide, and its proven reliability and stability make the best for the 18 series. When it comes to the force application system, we can't help but mention the quality assurance of hydraulic oil source, oil cylinder and so on

this coding machine is suitable for the application of flexible packaging materials and industries such as medicine, cosmetics, candy, snack food, baked food and quick-frozen food. Its heat transfer technology has been widely used in bag packaging machines, molding and filling machines, pillow packaging machines and labeling machines

according to Ms. Wang Zhen, marketing manager of Marken company, PD C's future demand for functional films with high barrier, cooking resistance, UV resistance, light avoidance, antibacterial, breathable, oxygen insulation, etc. in the food industry will continue to increase. China (packaging Expo) revealed that the price of the newly launched 18 series is only 40000 yuan, especially for production lines in Asian markets such as China that do not require high speed

with the theme of "the latest packaging and labeling solutions, logistics management and cost control", this makken technology exchange invited customers from various industries such as food, medicine, electronics and household chemicals, as well as international well-known companies such as Nestle China Co., Ltd., Unilever, nabisc, Coca Cola and Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics. The conference also discussed the latest development and application of laser technology in the packaging industry and filling the gaps between the experimental machine and the ground, as well as the return on investment, logistics management, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting system and other solutions. In response to the industry's concern about the acquisition of Marken by Dover, Wang Zhen reiterated that the acquisition would not affect Marken's current business operations and operating systems

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