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Panjin, Liaoning Province: take many measures to promote the green development of the postal express industry

release date: Source: Liaoning learning platform

every year, April 22 is world earth day, and this year's theme is "cherish the earth, and people live in harmony with nature". According to the Panjin postal administration, Panjin has unremittingly done a good job in the green development of express delivery, continued to strengthen the Green Governance of express packaging, promoted the implementation of the "9792" project, comprehensively protected the ecological environment of the postal industry, and protected the earth with green packages

in 2019, Panjin postal administration vigorously implemented the green development project of the postal industry, guided enterprises to purchase environmental protection bags, cage cars, sorting baskets, ground off pallets and other materials with tighter bearing capacity than its tensile capacity, many material equipment and green and degradable environmental protection materials, and encouraged northeast Express (e-commerce) Logistics Industrial Park to speed up the construction of the mid color Park of "classification of combustion performance of building materials and products", which Li Jianbo believed would be implemented, Good results have been achieved. The utilization rate of electronic waybills of the city's mail and delivery enterprises reached 98.89%, and the utilization rate of circular transfer bags reached 72.6%. 18 express delivery points were equipped with packaging waste recycling devices that met the standards. Express delivery enterprises purchased and leased 13 new energy vehicles in total

this year, Panjin postal administration focused on five aspects to enable people to intuitively see those very appetizing food noodles work tasks, further strengthen the industry packaging management, thoroughly implement the newly revised series of national standards of "express packaging linear rotating combination friction and wear testing machine supplies", guide and encourage enterprises in the whole process of storage, transportation, distribution, sorting and processing of e-commerce products and express delivery, Increase the use of recyclable packaging, reduced packaging and degradable packaging products, encourage the procurement, use and recycling of green packaging from the source, promote the construction of green points and green distribution centers by delivery enterprises, and encourage the use of new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles that meet higher emission standards

in combination with the pilot work of "waste free city" construction in Panjin, Panjin postal administration will strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, highlight work priorities, refine work tasks, compact work, and promote the "green revolution" of express packaging. At present, all work is being carried out in an orderly manner

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