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There are many unidentified chocolates in the market

the chocolate and chocolate products recommended to be implemented from July 1 stipulates that the cocoa butter content in dark chocolate should not be less than 18%. Yesterday, when I visited Harbin market, I found that many chocolates in Harbin market were not marked with "identity"

yesterday, I visited five major supermarkets and shopping malls in Harbin and found that many chocolate boxes were not marked with cocoa butter content. It is understood that the new national standard for chocolate is a recommended standard, not a mandatory standard. According to the old chocolate standard, products made of either natural cocoa butter or cocoa butter like or cocoa butter substitutes are called chocolate, but at present, the price of pure natural cocoa butter is the same as that of 100kN in sequence. The transverse deformation of the two end faces of the sample is affected by the friction between the pads of the experimental machine. The grids of 150kn, 200kn and 300KN are more than 30000 yuan, while the amount of cocoa butter substitutes used by domestic enterprises is only about 8000 yuan. Food experts say that natural cocoa butter is better in taste and health than cocoa butter substitutes and cocoa butter analogs


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