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A number of industry-leading enterprises have joined the Rockwell Automation partner Alliance Program

new product suppliers and machine manufacturers have broadened the way for manufacturers to obtain first-class product resources and engineering expertise

Milwaukee. In February 2012, two new product suppliers have joined the compass third-party product introduction program in Rockwell Automation Americas, At the same time, three other partners have expanded their compass membership to provide services to producers in more regions around the world. In addition, six machine manufacturers have joined the Rockwell Automation machine manufacturer program

the key components or connection solutions provided by compass partners can strengthen Rockwell. Although the reports so far are encouraging, Rockwell Automation integrated architecture system complements and enhances rockwell automation solutions, thereby helping manufacturers obtain ideal applications

members of the Rockwell Automation machine manufacturer program provide innovative and high-quality machines based on Rockwell Automation Technology, and are committed to reducing the total cost of ownership for manufacturers

Both the compass program and the machine manufacturer program are part of the Rockwell Automation global partner alliance framework, which consists of an integrated team of engineering experts and first-class suppliers who work together to solve production and automation problems. Members of the partner Alliance Program are leading companies whose products or services have been proven to work with Rockwell Automation Solutions. In this way, it can help customers simplify the supply chain, simplify project implementation, and obtain s1=.......................................... formula (8) to maximize the automation investment value

compass program

the following are other details of the newly joined compass Americas partners:

fanuc FA America provides efficient and innovative CNC systems

flowserve Corporation provides fluid motion control products. What else can we do to improve hygiene? Of course, there are and services, including engineering and industrial pumps, seals and valves, as well as various related fluid management services

Rockwell Automation recently announced that one of its regional partners in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa has expanded the scope of cooperation to include the Asia Pacific region, thus becoming a global partner

powerohm resistors, Inc. provides braking resistors for Allen Bradley PowerFlex inverter users

in addition, the two regional partners in the Americas have extended their agreement with Rockwell Automation to include Europe, the Middle East and Africa:

control station, Inc. produces first-class loop Pro software for PID tuning, which eliminates the need for steady-state operation before dynamic testing

mathworks develops mathematical calculation software, which can help the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics and industrial automation industries accelerate the pace of exploration, innovation and development

machine manufacturer plan

the new members of the machine manufacturer plan are as follows:

Advanced dynamics Corp. Ltd designs and manufactures custom designed heavy-duty automatic material conveying systems, mainly for the pulp and paper industry and the metallurgical industry

canrig drilling technologies provides a wealth of automatic drilling equipment products for the oil and gas industry, including top driven drilling systems, pipe hangers and drilling tongs

curt g JOA manufactures machines for the production of disposable products such as baby diapers, sanitary napkins, incontinence pads and related disposable products

inter motion, Inc. is a professional machine transformation and renovation enterprise that provides a full range of services, while providing a variety of additional services, including robotics, automation, custom machine design and custom manufacturing

intelligent systems designs, manufactures and installs a full range of automated material handling solutions for warehousing, distribution, consumer goods and provides beneficial resources for the manufacturing, postal and parcel markets

Njm packaging designs and manufactures packaging and labeling solutions for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, health products and personal care industries

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