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McMoRan acquires oil and gas assets in the Gulf of Mexico. On the evening of September 20, Beijing time, McMoRan Exploration Co (MMR), an independent oil and gas company in the United States, announced that it had agreed to acquire plains e through a cash and stock transaction. It is not surprising that the shallow continental shelf assets of exploration production CO (PXP) in the Gulf of Mexico are bright. The transaction price is about. What is the difference between a single column tensile machine and a double column tensile machine? Which is better, single column tensile testing machine or double column tensile testing machine? $818million

McMoRan has been actively exploring natural gas resources in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The acquisition will enable the company to hold more shares in a number of assets it already owns

mcmoran said it would issue 51million new shares and pay US $75million in cash for this transaction. Based on the company's closing share price of $14.57 last Friday, the transaction price was $818million

as part of the deal, plains exploration will receive two seats on the board of McMoRan

in January this year, McMoRan announced the release of the authenticity of the fixture depiction, which may be one of the largest natural gas reserves in recent decades, in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The company drilled 28000 feet under the sea floor 20 feet under the Davy Jones exploration block. In the deal announced on Monday, McMoRan will acquire 27.7% shares of Plains exploration in the Davy Jones exploration block

but the speed is slow. In order to pay for this transaction, McMoRan plans to privately issue convertible securities worth $900million. The offering is expected to take place at the completion of the transaction, possibly by the end of this year

the company plans to issue US $200million of 7-year convertible senior bonds with an annual interest rate of 4% and US $700million of permanent convertible preferred shares

56% of these securities will be sold to Freeport McMoRan copper gold Inc (FCX), and the remaining 44% will be sold to a consortium of institutional investors

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