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MCC Southern automation entered the field of pure electric vehicle control

with the clear strategy of vigorously developing new energy vehicles, large enterprise groups from different industries began to support the electric vehicle industry from their respective advantageous fields in the tensile test of materials with small diameter wire type, and joined hands with vehicle manufacturers to carry out key common routine tests: ring stiffness test, ring flexibility test The creep ratio experimental foundation and cutting-edge technology fields have been jointly developed and studied. With the goal of mastering the core technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, a key battle has been launched to concentrate the scientific and technological resources of the whole industry

recently, it was learned from the Hubei Provincial Department of science and technology that MCC South (Wuhan) Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as MCC South Automation) officially established the Hubei provincial motor frequency conversion engineering technology research center (hereinafter referred to as the center). Among them, the technology development for pure electric vehicle motor + variable frequency drive + electric control has become one of the key tasks. At that time, it will launch vehicle variable frequency drives A series of core parts and components products with completely independent intellectual property rights, such as vehicle controllers. A key battle to concentrate the scientific and technological resources of the whole industry to support the localization of the industrial chain has been launched in the new energy (or pure electric vehicle) automobile industry

as one of the three core technologies of pure electric vehicles, electronic control technology is an important symbol to measure the development level of their vehicles. However, as an emerging industry, at present, China's electric vehicle manufacturers mainly obtain core parts through external procurement, and their independent development ability in vehicle power matching and integration technology is relatively weak. How to realize the localization of resources in the whole industrial chain has become a key issue in front of all vehicle manufacturers, especially in Wuhan, Hubei Province, which takes building an electric vehicle city as the strategic goal. This demand is more urgent. The establishment of this center will combine the working condition characteristics of vehicle drive control, take professional vehicle controller and variable frequency drive control solution as the core, and provide pure electric vehicle manufacturers with special products for motor + variable frequency drive + vehicle control, as well as customized integrated control system solutions

MCC Southern automation, which is responsible for the construction of the center, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MCC Southern Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. for more than 50 years, it has been committed to the research of high-precision and multi drive control technology under various complex working conditions, and has successfully participated in the development and engineering construction of automation equipment for hundreds of national key projects. It has a deep technical accumulation in the field of complex drive control. Based on the long-term R & D, manufacturing and application popularization of the metallurgical industry with the most stringent technical requirements, the company has formed a set of mature, object-oriented development mode of automatic transmission technology, which also makes it possible to transplant mature technologies in traditional fields to the emerging electric vehicle industry

at present, MCC Southern automation has established the largest real-time display and recording of experimental data interruption and printing frequency conversion transmission in Central China. At present, these two standards are both in the action laboratory at the same time, and a large-scale frequency conversion drive product manufacturing and industrialization base has been built. Its completely self-developed frequency conversion drive products for pure electric vehicles and vehicle control system will also be introduced to the market. It is reported that the company has established strategic cooperation with vehicle manufacturers such as Yangtze River bus

the participation of industrial automation manufacturers in the localization and industrialization of key components of new energy vehicles and the localized production of basic materials will inevitably bring a new idea to accelerate the formation of the localization of the electric vehicle industry chain. We also look forward to the formation of a large number of local enterprise groups of key components with strong international competitiveness

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