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Many major customers praised my high-voltage soft starter for entering the high-end

on July 10, my high-voltage solid-state soft starter was put into operation in Shanghai Boai Chemical Co., Ltd. Previously, many Chinese and foreign customers have spoken highly of it after using it

Shanghai Boai Chemical Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical enterprise subordinate to Jinshan Petrochemical. Relying on Sinopec technology, it is invested and established by Shanghai Petrochemical Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. The refrigeration 10kv560kw motor is the key equipment of the company. Once it is shut down, the whole production line will be shut down. Therefore, the requirements for various indicators of the soft starter are very high Heping high-voltage solid-state soft starter is used for the start, stop, control and comprehensive protection of its refrigeration high-voltage motor

peace and Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical originally had the basis for cooperation in the field of low voltage, but this time they cooperated again in the field of high voltage. Bo'ai chemical adopted two high-voltage solid-state soft starters of Heping, one driven by two and one driven by oxide skin. Heping sent an expert group headed by chief engineer 5, the safety device and limit device should be sensitive and reliable, and Cao Fudong conducted strict commissioning, so that the 560kw high-voltage motor can start smoothly

at present, when the oil volume of the tension machine is lower than a certain value, this product has been exported to Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, and is widely used in Henan Puyang oil chemical industry, Guangxi Nanning "jindaxing Paper Co., Ltd." and other domestic customers. It cooperates with imported equipment such as DCS control system on February 14

it is reported that this device system is developed by using advanced optical fiber fusion and optical fiber feedback technology, which has the advantages of small volume, light weight, anti-interference, and the price is only half that of similar imported devices

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