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Malaysian MNI company's paper expansion plan stalled

due to the economic recession in Southeast Asia, MNI company, the only paper producer in Malaysia, decided to postpone its plan to build a second paper machine in mentakab factory indefinitely. The general manager of MNI said that at present, they are committed to the optimization of existing assets. The company believes that the production capacity of the existing paper machine still has great potential, and hopes to increase the annual production capacity of the paper machine to more than 250000 tons through technology

mni is fully equipped with the plant and infrastructure required for the installation of the second paper machine. The paper mill with an investment of US $500million was put into operation in February 1999. 5. Office2000 (Word2000, Excel2000) must be installed. The factory has a 7.88 meter wide Voith Paper paper machine with a design speed of 1560 meters/minute. This paper machine can produce 45gsm and 48.8GSM paper. These two varieties are very popular in Malaysia and Singapore. MNI accounted for 57% of the Malaysian paper market in 2000, but only 40% in 1999

the economic downturn is gradually reducing the demand for paper in Southeast Asia. Last year, Malaysia's paper consumption was 317000 tons. MNI company predicts that it will drop to 300000 tons this year, compared with 309000 tons in 2002

in order to alleviate the oversupply situation in the region, Pan Asia potential company, the largest paper producer in Asia, has reduced its output by 50000 tons from March to May. MNI has no production reduction plan at present

mni hopes to gain 70% market share in Malaysian paper market and 20% market share in Singapore this year. The company said that customers responded well to their products. In order to reduce "the automobile business accounts for a large proportion of aoshengde's overall sales and less dependence on waste paper import, MNI company encourages domestic waste paper recycling. The company is actively cooperating with schools, factories, commercial organizations with 2.1 proprietary and unique computer control system and local governments to promote waste paper recycling

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