Quality standard of the hottest packaging carton

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Quality standard of packaging carton

1. Double corrugation (5 layers) weight per square gram per layer and paper requirements:

the measurement and control function of the experimental machine can be greatly improved. The first layer (face paper) 175g/㎡ domestic kraft paper class a

the third layer (middle interlayer) 150g/㎡ domestic kraft paper class a

the fifth layer (lining paper) 150g/㎡ domestic kraft paper class a

the second/fourth layer (corrugated layer) 100g/㎡ high corrugated

2 Drop the box to test whether the outer box is abnormal (whether the carton is damaged or deformed, and whether the product is damaged or deformed); Visually check whether the four vertical edges (or surfaces) of the outer box are bent

3. The stacking test adopts the method of accessories, which can be used to check whether the outer box at the bottom layer is abnormal (deformation, cracking, the top of the product breaks the carton, the sealing belt collapses, and the product is damaged)

4. Open the box cover, turn it over 270 degrees, and repeat it for 3 times. It is qualified if the crack of the folding surface is less than 5cm

5. The moisture content of corrugated carton is 12% 4 (whether it feels wet)

6. The words and patterns of the shipping mark are clear and correct, with the same depth and position

7. According to the size, the color box weighs 300g per square meter below 60cm square; 350g above 60cm square. The color box printing should be clear and bright, and the pattern should be consistent with the product

8. The glue used is starch adhesive

9. Cartons cannot be nailed

10. Packing belts are not allowed for cartons

11. The width of the sealing strip is generally not less than 6cm

12. If necessary, fill the outer box with fillers (partitions, gaskets, bases, etc.) to make the product stable in the box under the stress in all directions of the outer box

13. Cartons should be protected from rain, exposure to the sun, moisture and pollution during transportation and storage

accessories: Carton compressive strength

cartons are required to have a certain compressive strength because the cartons stacked on the lowest layer after packaging goods are under the pressure of the upper cartons during storage and transportation. In order not to collapse, they must have appropriate compressive strength, The compressive strength of cartons is calculated by the following formula:

p=kw (n-1)

in the formula, P -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, According to the national standard:

if the storage period is less than 30 days, take k=1.6

if the storage period is days, take k=1.65

if the storage period is more than 100 days, take k=2.0

during specific operation, cover a board on the carton, and then stack an equal amount of heavy objects on the board

reference: GB corrugated board for packaging of export products

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