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Quality supervision and spot check of cigarette paper products in 2004

the National Bureau recently conducted quality supervision and spot check of cigarette paper products in Shandong, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Jiangsu, Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shaanxi and other provinces (cities, districts). A total of 26 cigarette paper products produced by 13 domestic enterprises and 2 foreign enterprises were selected, including 22 domestic products and 4 foreign products. 25 qualified products and 1 unqualified product were randomly selected, with a pass rate of 96.15%. The unqualified products come from domestic enterprises

according to the spot check results, some cigarette rolling mills used in the industry may limit production and reduce production. The overall quality level of paper products has increased steadily. Compared with the spot check results in 2003, the qualified rate of gasket replacement if necessary has increased by 0.91%. The main problem of one unqualified product is that the quantitative indicators are unqualified, and the qualification rate of all indicators of other products is 100%. Especially in the important indicators such as permeability and elongation, which affect product quality, it has been significantly improved. Compared with 2003, the problem of poor air permeability uniformity of cigarette paper has also been improved. Domestic and imported cigarette paper are relatively close in the coefficient of variation of permeability, and the coefficient of variation of permeability of some domestic paper is less than that of imported paper

at the same time, in this spot check, it was also found that some cigarette paper manufacturers added additives to improve the whiteness of cigarette paper. Although the current national standards do not provide for this, in order to ensure the health of consumers, the use of additives harmful to BMW's human health after taking the above measures must be restricted, which should be highly valued by all manufacturers

according to the Circular No. 1 of the state tobacco monopoly administration and China National Tobacco Corporation in 2002 and relevant regulations, cigarette paper products that fail to pass the spot check are not allowed to enter the order transaction of cigarette paper in 2005; The National Bureau will track the quality of the production enterprises with unqualified products. If there are quality problems again, they will be included in the list of dishonesty

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