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Quality management of UG NX design application

I. problem raising

compared with the traditional two-dimensional design mode, the design idea, design method and design means of three-dimensional design have undergone fundamental changes

1. Totally different design thinking mode

two dimensional design: designers need to first conceive the geometric entity concept of products (parts), and then convert the entity concept into two-dimensional drawings by hand (or plane CAD drawing software). When using two-dimensional drawings, the thinking of two-dimensional drawings is restored to the concept of entities. In this way of thinking from three-dimensional to two-dimensional to three-dimensional, the two-dimensional drawing has become the intermediate link of the transformation to the solid model, and plays an indispensable and vital role

3D design: designers first conceive the geometric entity concept of products (parts), and then directly obtain the visual entity model through 3D entity modeling technology. If two-dimensional drawings are needed, the computer can automatically generate two-dimensional drawings from the solid model. In this three-dimensional → three-dimensional way of thinking, the role of two-dimensional drawings has been greatly weakened. The generation process of two-dimensional drawings can also be completed by computer, and designers do not need to change their thinking

2. New product data expression

in terms of product data expression, three-dimensional design is fundamentally different from two-dimensional design. From the output results of three-dimensional design and two-dimensional design: the output results of two-dimensional design are paper-based two-dimensional engineering drawings, and there are also electronic documents generated by two-dimensional CAD software, but they all belong to two-dimensional views

the media of the output results of 3D design are electronic 3D model data files, 2D electronic documents and paper 2D engineering drawings

the essential difference between the output results of 3D design and 2D design is that the former generates 3D electronic data files, while the latter generates 2D paper files

two dimensional design is the product of the industrial era, which is compatible with the development level of productivity in the industrial era. As a universal engineering language in the world, two-dimensional engineering drawings are the basis of mechanical design, manufacturing and quality management in the industrial era

3D design is the product of the information age. It is the latest scientific and technological achievement that perfectly combines the thinking mode of 3D design, computer technology and the expression form of 3D digital model on the basis of inheriting the basic core and language elements of 2D design engineering language. It is compatible with 2D design technology and adapts to the digital design and manufacturing technology of products in the information age

II. UG NX -- the world's leading design concept and design method

as the flagship product of CAD software in the world, UG NX integrates the most advanced design concept and design method in the manufacturing industry: the design of product life cycle management; Design for manufacturing; Assembly oriented design; Knowledge driven automation; Principle of main model; Parametric modeling and wave technology; Relevance design; Top down design; Design based on analysis and verification...

a large number of practical cases have proved that 3D design has incomparable advantages over 2D design. More and more enterprises have adopted or are preparing to adopt 3D software for product digital design and manufacturing. However, from the overall situation, the three-dimensional software is still in the stage of promotion and application, and most enterprises still use the traditional two-dimensional design. Even the users who have taken the lead in using the three-dimensional software, there is confusion in the use of three-dimensional models and two-dimensional drawings regardless of primary and secondary, resulting in great confusion in data management. There are many reasons for this situation, one of which is that a new standardization system and quality system have not been established in the engineering application of 3D CAD

technology and management are the two wheels of enterprise development and progress. They are interdependent and indispensable, and should be coordinated and followed up synchronously. On the one hand, if 3D design technology is to be "legalized", it must be recognized by the quality system; On the other hand, the authority and effectiveness of management can only be guaranteed if the quality system is timely incorporated into the application results of 3D design technology

in terms of quality system alone, the ISO9000 series quality system documents implemented by the enterprise at present do not cover the content of 3D software, which brings many management difficulties to the application of UG NX and puts it in a dilemma of "no reliance". Based on the practical experience of product digital design and manufacturing and UG NX software application in his unit, the author discusses the quality management of UG NX design application, hoping to play a role in attracting jade

III. UG NX set but in the process of this a few, needs to be done through the data acquisition and processing, so the data acquisition and processing, as a child module is called, carefully The content of quality management

the quality system is an organic whole that is interconnected and coordinated to realize the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources of quality management. The quality manual, quality system procedures and supporting documents are the three-level documents that constitute the ISO9000 quality system. The quality management of UG NX design application mainly answers the new problems arising from product design using UG NX software. These new problems occur in the whole process of product development and are closely related to these three levels of documents, mainly: design preparation; Design planning; Product design; Data set inspection; Design verification; Review and signing of design documents; Design changes; Design review; Design finalization

1. Design preparation

the design preparation stage is the basis of UG NX design application, and it is also the starting point and key link of UG NX design application quality management

(1) qualification certification

ug NX is an integrated high-end software with close integration of cad/cae/cam. To master the application of UG NX, you must go through necessary technical training and practical exercise. For the designer system, in addition to having the corresponding professional knowledge and computer operation ability, it should also pass the qualification certification of UG designer. The qualification certification shall include design technicians at all levels such as chief designer, chief designer and designer. The qualification standards are different and focused according to the division of responsibilities

technologist system and technical management departments such as standardization and quality management should also establish corresponding qualification certification system for UG application

(2) system management

system administrator positions should be set to be responsible for the management and maintenance of UGNX system data. The main responsibilities of UG software system administrator are: responsible for network and data security, setting and managing data use permissions, and timely data backup; Set and manage UG environment variable files and user default files, ensure the unity and certainty of the state, and control the version; Set up and manage seed components; Set up and manage standard parts library, material library, thread data file and user secondary development data file

(3) specifications

should follow the principle of specification before design, and can establish CAD design application technical specifications based on UG software or product objects. UG NX design application specification is the sum of modeling, assembly, drawing, data inspection, approval, change and other contents, and can also be written separately. Among them, modeling (including assembly modeling) and drawing specification are the core content, which should at least reflect the following requirements: General principles of product design - including the content of UG modeling, the organization of UG documents, the requirements for the completeness and completeness of UG documents, etc; General provisions for UG modeling -- including layer settings, linetype, color, text font and character set, reference set, part file attributes, expressions, seed components, etc; File management -- including file naming, file directory, loading and saving options, etc; Accuracy of modeling; Establish general provisions for the feature composition of component UG models -- including use features, primitive features, reference features, instance array features, user defined features (UDF), sketch features, thread features, etc; General provisions for assembly modeling composition; Two dimensional mapping; Data check

when establishing UG NX design application technical specifications, we should consider the analysis, processing, and data exchange of the reasons for such phenomena, and the coordination of all application links. If UG NX is applied in tceng environment, it is necessary to ensure the seamless connection between the specification and PDM system. The standardization department is responsible for formulating and managing the specifications

(4) thread data file

ug metric thread and British thread data files (thd_t and thd_t) should be revised according to national standard (GB) or enterprise standard and other relevant standards to meet the needs of modeling work

(5) standard parts library

enterprises should establish standard parts library, which is conducive to overall data management. Especially in the tceng environment, the unified use of standard parts is necessary for the application of UG NX

(6) material library

enterprises should establish a material library according to actual needs, which is conducive to improving design efficiency

(7) user secondary development and custom features

enterprises can carry out secondary development of UG NX software as needed, including creating custom features to expand the application functions of UG NX software, but it must be verified and confirmed

2. Design planning

compared with the organizational procedures, contents and requirements of the design planning work of two-dimensional design, the design planning work of applying UG NX considers more problems, which mainly involves the following new contents:

(1) organizational structure

ug NX pays more attention to the coordinated work of the team. During the design planning, the personnel allocation, responsibilities and authorities involved in the design shall be specified in advance. In tceng environment, it is necessary to preset the product structure tree and determine the role and authority of designers

(2) design ideas and methods

when the design stages for specific products are divided, plan the design ideas and methods, and answer the following questions: which version of UG NX is used? Is it running in tceng environment-- Consider the current situation and needs of customers and associated users for data exchange, and try to adapt to it. If there is a conflict, it should be resolved through negotiation; Is it necessary to provide users with digital prototypes? What kind of digital prototype is provided? How to provide? Top down design or bottom up design? Do modeling, assembly, drawing and analysis work in parallel? How to work in parallel? Is 2D plotting directly related to 3D model or AutoCAD plotting-- Special reminder: the complete correlation between 3D parametric solid model and 2D engineering drawing is a major advantage of UG software, which is one of the core technologies of UG software. If you first use UG 3D modeling, and then use AutoCAD to plot, it will not only shield the unique advantage function of UG, violate the original intention of using UG, but also be more complex and time-consuming in actual operation, and cause great difficulties for PDM data management in the future; Is UG wave technology used for modeling between related components? Design and use strategies of borrowed parts, standard parts and finished parts

(3) clarify the principle and method of the main model

the principle of the main model well reflects the consistency of data expression, greatly reduces the degree of data redundancy, and also supports people in different design stages of products to share the same model with different applications

all component files should be created according to the principle of UG main model

(4) determine the content of design verification

many design verifications

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