Quality requirements and inspection methods of the

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Quality requirements and test methods for newspaper printed matters

national standard of the people's Republic of China gb/t quality requirements and test methods for newspaper printed matters

1 main content and scope of application

this standard once again stipulates the quality requirements and test methods for offset newspaper prints

this standard is applicable to newspaper prints printed by the deputy director general of the General Administration of Customs of the people's Republic of China in the form of offset printing, and newspapers printed by other printing methods can be used for reference

2 reference standard

cy 3 color evaluation lighting and observation conditions

3 product classification

monochrome products: during the printing process, only one ink color is printed on the substrate

multicolor products: in the printing process, two or more ink colors are printed on the substrate

4 quality requirements

(1) the appearance of the finished product is clean, without obvious streaks, pasted versions, dirty versions, missing pens and broken lines do not affect the meaning of words, and there must be no through printing. The text is clear, the field is even, and the color is real. The center of the layout is "left and right", and the sky is slightly larger than the foundation. There are no broken edges, folds, folds, cuts, damages and off page phenomena

(2) overprint the format of each edition, and the positive and negative overprint tolerance "up and down", "left and right" shall not be greater than 2mm. The overprint tolerance shall comply with table 1 if the same size is more than two colors

product category two-color product multi-color product main part general position tolerance ≤ 1, so it has a separate set of electro-hydraulic servo control system ≤ 0.5 ≤ 0.7

table (1) Note: the main part refers to the part of the picture that reflects the theme, such as patterns, words, signs

(3) ink color

the ink color shall be subject to the header and the title word larger than the small special size. Density: 1.10 (+0.2 ~ -0.1). The ink color of the printing format is uniform. The average density of the commonly used small five Song typeface "de" shall prevail. The density is 0.25 (-0.05 ~ +0.05). The multi-color printing color format is based on the standard matching of the flat jaw: 0 ⑴ 5, 15 ⑶ 0 printing samples. (the field density shall comply with table 2.) The points shall be clear, and the minimum point area shall be 3% - 5%. The point requires accurate angle, no moire and no ghosting

color difference yellow (y) magenta (m) cyan (c) black (BK) density 0.60 ~ 0.800.90 ~ 1.101.0 ~ 1.201.0 ~ 1.30 table (2)

5 test

(1) test conditions

test ambient temperature: 23 ℃ relative humidity: 60% (-10% ~ +15%) the light source of the sample observation platform conforms to Cy3

(2) test tools and instruments

densimeter Magnifying glass (10 ~ 20 times magnifying glass for routine inspection and 30 ~ 50 times reading magnifying glass for quantitative inspection) ruler or tape

(3) inspection method visual comparison method instrument measurement method

(4) inspection form random inspection post office sampling inspection

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