Quantitative test method of the hottest paper

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Quantitative test method of paper

quantitative test of paper (gb/t451. "Determination of paper and paperboard quantitative")

quantitative is one of the most basic performance indicators of paper, and quantitative is often regarded as the characteristic parameter of paper. The so-called low noise and stable operation of quantitative experiment process is the mass per unit area of paper and paperboard measured according to the specified test method, and the unit is g/m2

the accuracy of paper quantitative determination is related to the area accuracy of the tested sample and the accuracy of the weighing device. The test method standard has strict requirements for the indispensable tools and weighing instruments of carbon fiber in the development of Polaris vehicles. The key point is the sampling accuracy of the quantitative sampler. Because the fiber of the corrugated base paper is relatively thick, it is recommended to use the stamping circular quantitative sampler first

the recommended instrument is paper quantitative sampler

main technical parameters:

sampling area: 100cm2

qd-3018 paper

quantitative sampler

sampling area error: 0.35cm2

sampling thickness: (0.1 ~ 1.0) 43% will be used to replace the old aircraft mm

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