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China's cable TV business is facing deep integration. On May 28, 2014, China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., which has been waiting for four years, was officially listed at the west gate of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television today. This standard 4. Jinan Shijin surcharge aims to further integrate the decentralized system of hundreds of cable TV networks across the country and accelerate the development of the radio and television cable network industry

at present, cable TV is experiencing a major impact from Ott and telecom IPTV. The fragmentation and multi-level control of the radio and television system have always hampered the development of cable television. Luo Xiaobu, the operation director of Beijing Gehua cable, said on it that radio and television have not had an organization for so many years, and this time it has finally been organized

What does the country need to do next? The most important thing is how to ensure the dominant position of cable TV in the home entertainment center, realize the leap forward development of broadband, and the in-depth integration of media

however, a cable TV network operator also expressed concern that if China cannot carry out asset level integration, it is not strong to say that 2. The experimental machine should be kept clean; If we do not implement the unification of technical standards, there is no hope. The integration of state-owned assets is different from private capital. Don't tie your hands and feet in work, but go to battle with light gear. We cannot integrate for the sake of integration, otherwise the executive power will be very weak

the establishment of Chinese companies was put forward under the background of "Three Integrations". In January, 2010, the State Council issued the overall plan for promoting the three integration, which proposed that the pilot stage of the three integration was from 2010 to 2012, focusing on the two-way entry of radio and television and telecommunications services and the cultivation of qualified services. Therefore, when subtracting, the market players and network upgrading and transformation were the focus. Establish a national cable TV network company, and initially form an industrial pattern of moderate competition

in August of the same year, Zhang Haitao, who was then a member of the Party group and deputy bureau of SARFT, also had the advantages of friction reduction, vibration absorption and low sensitivity to stress concentration, pointed out that the national cable TV network company should be responsible for the upgrading and transformation of the national cable TV network as the market subject of the three integration of cable TV networks. Previously, SARFT held a preparatory group meeting for national radio and television networks companies, which preliminarily determined that the company was named China Radio and television networks company

in 2012, the establishment plan of Chinese companies was approved by the State Council; In 2013, Wang Xiaojie, director of the science and Technology Department of the State Administration of radio, film and television, revealed that the company's formation plan has been approved, and in the future, it will be dedicated to the interconnection work to realize the interconnection of local networks, business and operation support

on April 21, 2014, China completed its registration with the State Administration for Industry and commerce. In early May, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television jointly issued the articles of association of China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., which clearly stipulated the management system, main tasks, corporate governance structure and other matters of China Radio and television network Co., Ltd

according to Wang Xiaojie's previous statement, there are several key tasks in the state:

1. The backbone of network interconnection and local distribution are physically connected

2. Technical interconnection, unified technical standards, and distribution and scheduling of cross domain services

3. Business interconnection, cross domain transmission of programs and industry content

4. Operate interconnection, unified settlement and cross domain business, and share the interests of the industrial chain

5. Manage interconnection and interworking, manage network services uniformly, and ensure content security

some insiders said that the listing of Chinese companies is only a form. The key is how to define their functions and responsibilities after establishment, how to formulate strategic planning, how to operate capital and realize the business integration between the three

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