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Talking about intelligent automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler system

automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler system is a new type of automatic sprinkler system with certain intelligent functions. The application of this system in engineering is a supplement and improvement to the existing automatic sprinkler system. The system adopts computer technology, so that the system has a high degree of automation. When a fire occurs, the system can detect the monitoring range and respond immediately. After computer analysis, judgment and confirmation, start the system to spray water

II. Scope of application

automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler is a fast and efficient new type of fire extinguishing equipment. It is applicable to domestic and foreign elevated buildings, large gymnasiums, warehouses, large-span workshops, shopping malls, dance halls, archives, cultural relics museums and other places where the automatic spraying system is not conducive to play a role and some places do not have the installation of automatic spraying system

III. working principle and system composition

the system is mainly composed of fire water tank, water pump, water supply pipe, electric control circuit, system accessories and automatic scanning positioning sprinkler (see system installation diagram). The system is in the monitoring state at ordinary times. When the automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler finds a fire, it immediately starts to scan the monitoring space in an all-round way to search for the fire point. After confirmation, lock the nozzle, give an alarm, start the pump, open the valve, spray water to extinguish the fire, and the system will shut down automatically after the fire is extinguished. In case of re ignition, the system can be turned on repeatedly until the fire is extinguished

IV. characteristics and types of automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler

1. Characteristics

① detection in time

the device adopts temperature sensing, light sensing and reserved smoke sensing interface. As long as there is a flame signal, the fire extinguishing device can be started, so it can act on the initial fire situation, which can be found. It takes only 20s from fire detection to positioning and spraying

② accurate positioning

the device uses the piston of the infrared fire oil cylinder to gradually raise the flame sensor to scan the surrounding environment horizontally and vertically, and carries out special processing on the sensors in two directions, so that its directionality is very strong, and uses the computer to measure the center of the flame, and then accurately locate it

③ jet density

because the device is aimed at the fire point, it has dense jet and large spray intensity, and it only takes 120 seconds to extinguish the 4A fire

④ automatic opening and closing

the system will automatically close after fire extinguishing, which can minimize the damage of fire water stains to the environment and property

⑤ various functions

the fire protection system integrates alarm and sprinkler fire extinguishing, avoiding the repeated construction caused by the separate setting of fire extinguishing system and alarm

⑥ large scope of action

as can be seen from the parameter table (see Table 1), the mid suspension device is installed at a height of 13 meters, the vertical protection can reach a height of 20 meters (7m above and 13m below), and the plane protection radius is 10m; The ceiling type device can be installed for 6m and the plane protection radius is 7.5m

2. Type

automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler is divided into ceiling type, middle suspension type, wall type and centrifugal type

① ceiling type

is installed on the top or ceiling of the building, with an installation height of 6m and a firefighting radius of 7.5m. It can protect the whole space at 360 ° horizontally and 110 ° vertically, and has a wide range of applications

there are two types of ceiling mounted devices: zsdm-s01- IIA adopts infrared light and temperature starting mode, which is suitable for general places without strong light interference; Z1sdm-s01- Ⅱ B adopts infrared filter, temperature and smoke start signal, and has the function of anti strong light interference, especially suitable for installation and use in places with strong light interference such as song and dance halls

② middle suspension

the vertical protection height of the middle suspension fire extinguishing device can reach 20m, and the plane protection radius is 10m, which can protect the whole space of the monitoring area. The cross section of Diren furuite nanofront is only 1/7500 of the cross section of human hair, which is especially suitable for large space places with a single vertical height of 6 ~ 20m

there is a type of mid suspension device: zsdm-s03-i

note: * the vertical protection height of this device is 7m above and 13m below

③ wall type

the vertical protection height and plane rescue radius of the device are the same as those of the mid suspension device. The installation method adopts semi concealed installation, and the pipe and electric control wire are concealed and laid in the wall slot. It is suitable for installation in tall space places with high requirements for indoor decoration

there is a model of wall type device: zsdm-s03- Ⅰ a

note: * the vertical protection height of this device is 7m above and 13m below

④ centrifugal

it is a kind of fire extinguishing device suitable for closed small space, which uses pressure water as the power to rotate the spray head and spray the water evenly. It is suitable for installation in small places or in combination with ceiling type

there is a type of centrifugal device: lzm-s01- Ⅰ V voltage type whose induction is proportional to the speed

note: * refers to the sensitivity of the differential constant temperature detector used with it

v. conclusion

with the increasing awareness of people's fire safety, people have relatively high requirements for the intelligence and safety of fire products, The intelligent automatic scanning and positioning sprinkler system overcomes the shortcomings of the automatic sprinkler system widely used at present, such as no fixed point, unable to give full play to the fire extinguishing function, forming floods after fires, and unable to be reused, so as to ensure the safety of people's lives and the national and social economy from major losses, and make people's living environment more safe, comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly

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