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The education summary conference on the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" of the State Grid Corporation of China was held on January 13. The education summary conference on the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" of the State Grid home appliance Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing. p>

Kou Wei, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of the company, attended the meeting and made a summary report on the theme education of the company. Lu Chun, leader of the 12th tour steering group of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Han Jun, deputy secretary of the Party group of the company, presided over the meeting and conveyed the spirit of the Central Education summary meeting on the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind". Members of the company's leading group and members of the central roving steering group attended the meeting at home

according to the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee, since June 2019, nearly 44000 Party organizations and 650000 party members in the company system have participated in the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind" in two batches. Remarkable results have been achieved

Kou Wei pointed out that the party organizations at all levels of the company have improved their political standing, strengthened implementation, and successfully completed all the work of theme education. "So far, Shi Yong said. Grasp the fundamental task, study and education into the brain and heart; Conduct in-depth investigation and research to find out the prominent problems; Consciously benchmarking, examining and analyzing, touching the soul; Pay attention to practical results and implement rectification to the end

Kou Wei emphasized that the company's theme education highlighted problem orientation and practice orientation, and achieved remarkable results. By carrying out theme education, the majority of Party members and cadres of the company have further honed their political character of loyalty, cleanness and responsibility, effectively strengthened their theoretical armed forces, firmly established their sense of purpose, took on a new look in their work style, and effectively boosted their spirit of entrepreneurship and responsibility, which has injected a strong impetus into accelerating the promotion of high-quality development. Party members and cadres have focused on solving ideological root problems, achieved new gains in theoretical study, and been deeply baptized in ideology and politics; Focusing on solving the problem of insufficient responsibility spirit, the entrepreneurial morale of the officers is more high, and the role of "six forces" is fully demonstrated; Focus on solving the practical problems that the people care about, strengthen the sense of purpose, and continuously improve the satisfaction of the people with electricity services; Focus on solving the problems that affect the party's progressiveness and purity, comprehensively and strictly govern the party, and promote in depth, so as to continuously purify the political ecosystem within the party; Focusing on the central inspection, rectification and special rectification, a number of outstanding problems and persistent diseases have been effectively solved

Kou Wei pointed out that we should consolidate and improve the achievements of theme education and promote the reform and development of the company to a new level. Comprehensively promote the construction of world-class energy interconnection enterprises and make new contributions to the decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. First, we should adhere to the eternal task of strengthening Party building and the lifelong task of Party members and cadres by keeping the original intention and mission firmly in mind; Third, we should uphold and carry forward the spirit of self revolution with the blade inward, and promote the comprehensive and in-depth development of strictly administering the party; Fourth, we should improve the institutional system and form a long-term mechanism that does not forget the original intention and keeps the mission firmly in mind; Fifth, we should carry forward the spirit of struggle, be brave to take on responsibilities, and stimulate a strong driving force to promote innovation and development

Lu Chun fully affirmed the fruitful results achieved by the company in carrying out the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind". The Party group of the company conscientiously fulfilled its main body, Party organizations at all levels really paid close attention to it, and the majority of Party members and cadres actively participated, showing full political enthusiasm and a high degree of political consciousness. The fighting spirit of strengthening, optimizing and expanding the state grid was even higher, which effectively promoted the reform, development and stability of the State Grid. We should consciously improve our political standing, promote the majority of Party members and cadres to enhance the "four senses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve the "two maintenance"; We should organize party members and cadres to regularly examine and solve problems that go against their original mission; We should continue to implement rectification

the conference is held in the form of video conference. The deputy directors of all departments of the headquarters and above led Tangshan city to re issue yellow warning and production restriction orders for major activities of this month. The directors, directors of relevant departments, leaders and deputy leaders of the company's tour Guidance Group, deputy leaders and directors of each office of the company's discipline inspection and supervision group, party secretary, full-time deputy secretary or leaders in charge of Party Construction of the company's units in Beijing, and some staff representatives attended the meeting at the main venue. Members of the leading groups of all branches, provincial companies and units directly under them, personnel at or above the Deputy level of the Department of the headquarters, and members of the leading groups of provincial companies, secondary units directly under them, and county power supply companies attended the meeting at the branch venue

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