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Executive meeting of the State Council: strictly control investment in industries with overcapacity

executive meeting of the State Council: strictly control investment in industries with overcapacity

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on December 9, 2015, Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council to strictly control investment in industries with overcapacity

The meeting stressed that in the next two years, we should focus on improving quality and efficiency:

first, we should focus on market demand, strengthen innovation, improve supply and efficiency, build a specialized "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platform for central enterprises, promote the in-depth cooperation between advantageous industrial groups and central scientific research institutions, and explore the establishment of science and technology groups for scientific research institutions that mainly undertake the research of industry common technologies. Focus on emerging industries and key technologies, and develop new formats such as "Internet +". Promote the whole industrial chain of high-speed rail, nuclear power and smart electricity to go global

second, the requirements for plastic products are becoming more and more high-strength classification guidance. Enterprises in industries with overcapacity that do not meet the national standards of energy consumption, environmental protection, quality, safety and long-term losses are closed down and transferred or stripped off and reorganized. Enterprises that have sustained losses for more than three years and do not meet the direction of structural adjustment are "cleared out" by means of asset restructuring, property right transfer, closure and bankruptcy, and "zombie enterprises" are cleaned up and disposed of, By the end of 2017, the amount of losses of enterprises that have achieved operating losses has decreased significantly; Speed up the withdrawal from non main industries and strictly control production. The introduction of "green ranking" in the comprehensive ranking of e-commerce platforms can help excess industry investment and promote the concentration of state-owned capital in key industries and key fields related to national security and the lifeline of the national economy

third, promote management efficiency, carry out the special action of "cost control and benefit veto", increase the clearance of inventory and accounts receivable, vigorously reduce non productive expenditure, and reduce management 8 The stress-strain, stress time, strength time and other curves can be selected for display and printing as required; Level, implement wage benefit linkage, strengthen performance evaluation and incentive constraints, and implement quality and efficiency improvement. Pilot market-oriented selection and employment of managers

fourth, accelerate the reform of mixed ownership, divest enterprises of social functions, comprehensively promote the separation and transfer of water supply, power supply, heating and property management across the country in 2016, and start the pilot of divestiture of public service institutions such as medical treatment and education

fifth, innovate policy support, promote commercial banks to implement non-performing asset disposal policies, and strengthen the write off of bad and doubtful debts in industries with overcapacity. The meeting also heard the report of the board of supervisors on the supervision and inspection of central enterprises, and required to improve and perfect the supervision system, take effective measures to ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets, promptly deal with and rectify problems found, and be seriously accountable for illegal operations and omissions in accordance with the law

earlier, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to spend more than two years to transform and upgrade the old kinetic energy. China Business News learned from people close to the official that recently, the research team appointed by the main leaders has carried out research on excess capacity such as steel, striving to achieve capacity transformation and upgrading as soon as possible to prevent systemic risks

the person also revealed that from the overall layout, "resolutely eliminate a batch, and more transform and upgrade a batch" is the overall idea. "In industries with serious surplus, next year, we will speed up integration, adjustment, mergers and acquisitions, and concentrate on expanding a number of large enterprises." This person said that the central government's idea is to shorten the time of transformation and upgrading as far as possible, so that the traditional kinetic energy can continue to play its role, while winning time and space for the development of new kinetic energy

Lian Weiliang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission, previously said at the 2016 national coal fair about the surplus of the coal industry that as China's economy gradually entered the new normal of shifting growth and changing development mode, the demand for energy such as coal has also changed. This is not only reflected in the reduced demand for energy after the economy turns to medium and high speed, but also because the pattern dominated by the secondary industry has changed to that dominated by the tertiary industry in the past

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