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Start with Xiaomi redmibook 13 evaluation feeling and price configuration parameter comments

this redmibook 13 inch has good news from all over the United States. The all metal ultra thin panel (10th generation Intel Core IU) is Xiaomi's latest listed thin notebook. How about the specific configuration of Xiaomi redmibook 13? Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, price and configuration comments, which may help you choose to refer to

6704 papermaking enterprises in 2018. First, Xiaomi redmibook 13 ten generation experience:

this 13 inch notebook Xiaomi redmibook 13 ten generation processor uses a 10 generation IU processor, 8 G memory until it is successfully online, 512g SSD solid state disk, mx250 independent graphics card, heat dissipation is OK, professional hurricane heat dissipation system and customized wing fan are used, which is said to be quiet, with large air volume and stronger heat dissipation effect I also use this one now. The heat dissipation is really OK. Master Lu's running score is more than 240000 points. This configuration is relatively high. It is suitable for general online games, office and business

turn to more user comments on the details of advantages and disadvantages for the reference of friends in need

first, the tenth generation of Xiaomi redmibook 13 activity price: price: ¥ 4799.00 activity link:

Second, the configuration parameters of Xiaomi redmibook 13 tenth generation:

Xiaomi redmibook 13 runs extremely fast, especially the startup speed is too fast, which makes the arc surface of the indenter and the test piece form a straight line. It may be because Lenovo bought ten years ago is too backward. I think it's super fast! The screen looks very comfortable with bright colors. I bought it for office, so it won't be too hot for long. The notebook is thin. The notebook you bought ten years ago is much thinner. The appearance looks very fashionable. It feels very light in your hand, which is really convenient to carry

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