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State Councilor Wang Yong inspects the technological innovation of bearing shaft to improve competitiveness

State Councilor Wang Yong inspects the technological innovation of bearing shaft to improve competitiveness

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on September 11, State Councilor Wang Yong came to the bearing group to inspect, investigate and guide the work. Yan Jinghua, head of discipline inspection of the Party group of the State Council, and Huang Danhua, deputy director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, were accompanied by Huang Danhua, a waterproof coiled material manufacturer, Tan Zuojun, vice governor of Liaoning Province, Li Wancai, mayor of Dalian, and Liu Yan, vice mayor of Dalian

during the investigation, Wang Yong and his party watched the industrial layout exhibition board of Wazhou group and the developed "large precision, heavy and special new" series bearing products in the precision technology and manufacturing industrial park of Wazhou group, and listened to the report of Cong Hong, chairman of Wazhou group, on the historical evolution, technological research and development, structural adjustment, strategic cooperation, social performance and other aspects of the company. After watching the bearing products and listening to the report on the research and development of high-end bearings, Wang Yong recognized that the bearing aimed at developing high-end products with core competitiveness, breaking foreign technological monopoly and promoting the internationalization strategy of enterprises. He said that the tile axis should conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of national provinces and cities, seek impetus for innovation and development, develop products with independent intellectual property rights, develop high-end products and replace imports

in front of the CNC vertical grinding machine of the precision transmission bearing company, Cong Hong demonstrated the testing process of Sendzimir mill bearings and introduced the breakthrough of bearing pads in the development of mill bearings. During the product inspection, Wang Yong was pleased to express his approval that the product accuracy had reached the world-class level. He agreed with the practice of taking the development of high-end bearings as the main direction in the structural adjustment of the bearing shaft, constantly realizing its own development and expansion, and not forgetting to undertake the society and drive the development of local bearing industry clusters. Wang Yong pointed out that China is a large manufacturing country, and the bearing bush is the cradle of China's bearing industry. You should increase technical investment, work hard on research and development, achieve the organic combination of production, study and research, and aim at the high-end manufacturing industry to provide supporting products. Only in this way can we improve the competitiveness of Chinese bearings in the international market and enter the world-class bearing enterprise echelon

at the precision rotary table bearing company in the wind turbine bearing product processing base, Cong Hong introduced that the wind turbine bearing products produced by the bearing shaft are supporting world-renowned wind turbine manufacturers such as Siemens. After hearing this, Wang Yong said happily that you dare to compete with international bearing enterprises, think of things that others dare not think of, and do things that others dare not do, which has given Chinese bearing enterprises a voice in the competition in the international market and safeguarded national interests. This is the weathervane for China's manufacturing industry to move towards the international market. Before the 11m super large bearing supporting the world's largest tonnage reclaimer, Cong Hong introduced the R & D and manufacturing process of super large bearings, especially changing some concepts and operating principles of bearing design, creating 12 firsts in China's bearing industry. At present, only two bearing enterprises in the world can manufacture them. In this regard, Wang Yong pointed out that we must increase the investment in technological transformation and technological research and development funds, and start with innovative management to benchmark with world advanced enterprises

at the end of the survey, Wang Yong shook hands with the accompanying company leaders to say goodbye. Wang Yong stressed that he was very happy to come to the cradle of China's bearing industry for the first time. Bearing is the foundation of manufacturing industry. If China's manufacturing industry wants to go to the high end, bearings must first go to the high end. Our unremitting transformation and innovation are the most realistic advantageous resources of enterprises. The bottleneck of many key technology research lies in basic components. Bearings are the joints of the manufacturing industry. If bearings can't turn, our manufacturing industry can't turn. Bearings are used in various industries and fields, and the mastery of core technology determines the development of equipment manufacturing industry. We hope that through our efforts, you will enter the forefront of the world's bearing industry in the near future, and we will also help your development. As the backbone of the national economy, state-owned enterprises must bear in mind their mission and shoulder the heavy burden bravely, and play a greater and better role in the overall revitalization of the northeast region, autoclaved aerated concrete block gb/t 11968 (1) 997. Wazhou should seize the opportunity to support the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China issued by the State Council, respond to the challenges, act actively, accelerate enterprise reform, accelerate the pace of technological innovation, move towards the goal of high-end and internationalization, and make greater contributions to the overall revitalization of Northeast China

during the investigation, tanzuojun, vice governor of Liaoning Province, asked Wazhou group to grasp and solve the enterprise positioning, market positioning and product positioning, and make full use of the three technical platforms of national large bearing engineering technology research center, European R & D center and American Automobile Bearing Testing Center to fully integrate global advantageous resources and achieve breakthroughs in independent technological innovation. At the same time, we will speed up the implementation of benchmarking with the international advanced level, the training of world-class talents, and realize the internationalization and high-end development of the tile axis, so that the effect powder can maintain the size and color effect standard to the greatest extent. Li Wancai, mayor of Dalian, paid attention to the construction of the national large-scale bearing engineering and technology research center, accelerated the pace of structural adjustment, developed high-end products, and promoted the implementation of the internationalization strategy. He requested that the national large-scale bearing engineering and technology research center of Dalian be taken as the core to speed up the construction of the Dalian Research Center and create conditions for Dalian to build more world-class enterprises

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