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How to evaluate the quality of Xiaobao AI watch 4G smart children's watch c02a? Easy to operate testsuitetw software, rich and increasing standard library of experimental methods and various accessories make this system widely used in all high-strength metals and building materials? How is the signal

this leopard AI watch 4G smart children's watch c02a is a new product in 2019. Let's take a look at the evaluation, price quotation, and configuration function introduction of parents and friends using leopard AI watch 4G smart children's watch c02a. I hope it can help you choose reference and comparison

1. Parents' experience and evaluation of leopard AI Watch:

1. It is better than the watch used before. It has many functions. The child is now in the first grade. It is also equipped with ancient poetry. The watch has the function of making friends. The child specially asked his colleagues to buy this one. The child tried it successfully. The bracelet feels good. The child said it's comfortable to wear. It's also convenient to operate. Adults can control everything on the end. It's very good

2. I selected several companies and selected this little leopard children's watch. It really broke through the key areas and didn't disappoint me. My children like it very much, and the voice call is also very clear. I occasionally feel that I can shorten the distance with children during working hours, and the positioning is also very prepared.

3. A very intelligent watch, which children like very much, can order songs, learn English, and send voice. 3 When doing the stretching experiment, there is no problem with video chat. The positioning is very accurate. The seller's service is very good. He still answers questions at 11 p.m. it's too dedicated, inexpensive, and powerful. It's worth buying

Xiaobao AI watch more users comment on the details of advantages and disadvantages "" I hope it can help later friends to reference and compare

II. Price of Xiaobao AI Watch:

Xiaobao AI watch smart children's watch 4G primary and secondary school students waterproof positioning watch video call multi-functional WiFi men's and girls' all in watch voice watch

[at the price] 329.00 yuan

[after the ticket price] 319.00 yuan


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III Introduction to the configuration features of Xiaobao AI Watch:

Xiaobao AI watch adopts the multiple positioning scheme of AI positioning + GPS satellite + China Beidou Positioning Satellite + Russian GLONASS + European Galileo + WiFi + base station + gravity sensing. According to the built-in sensor, it can intelligently predict the child's environment, select the best positioning method, and locate at a high speed in seconds, so as to grasp and understand the position change information of the child in real time from the shell manufacturing of electronic products to the interior of the product. The official said that the positioning accuracy can reach about 20 meters indoors and about 2 meters outdoors, so that parents can guard safely all day long. In addition, the little leopard AI watch also supports the electronic fence function, that is, parents set the children's safe activity range on the app side, and if it exceeds the activity range, it will alarm. Actually, this function has a good effect. If the child exceeds the range, the back end will immediately receive an early warning

IV. summary:

leopard AI watch is practical in many functions, which improves the user experience. It is comparable to the current mainstream medium and high-end children's watches, and the cost is well controlled. The price is only 379. It can be said that compared with similar brands, the price performance ratio is relatively high. It is a good gift for parents to give their children Friends in need: Please click here to see more popular children's watches recommended by tmall

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