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State Grid Corporation of China will launch a number of pilot activities based on IOT

Li Xiangzhen, chief engineer of information and communication company of State Grid Corporation of China, recently wrote that 80% of its business is related to IOT. The connection of power generation, detection, production management, safety evaluation and supervision, distribution automation, power detection, power consumption collection, and marketing all need the support of IOT. In the future, Guodian will carry out a number of pilot activities based on IOT

smart electricity requires major technological breakthroughs

Li Xiangzhen said that after years of construction and development, the national electric information communication network has realized the optical fiber of transmission media and business carrying. At present, the backbone communication network of State Grid Corporation of China has been basically completed

State Grid calls smart electricity "three modernizations", namely informatization, automation and interaction. According to the above characteristics, the State Grid is formulating a development plan for 2020, which is specifically reflected in multiple implementation priorities and R & D plans, four framework systems, three development stages, two development mainlines and one development goal. Among them, one of the development goals is to build a strong smart power with Chinese characteristics with UHV as the backbone, immature technology and coordinated development of all levels of power according to the requirements of safety, reliability, cleanness, efficiency and self-healing adjustability; The two main lines of development are to realize informatization, automation and interaction in technology and collectivization, intensification, lean and standardization in management. Through these construction, we can achieve four architecture systems, namely, development infrastructure system, technical support system, intelligent application system and standard specification system

Li Xiangzhen believes that smart electricity will achieve some major breakthroughs in technology and equipment in the future, including monitoring, sensing technology, and the dynamic change of safety belt tension testing machine is displayed on the corresponding screen. When the force value reaches the maximum value of the tensile fracture column of the sample, the sample is pulled off, the electromechanical stops running, flexibility and electric energy. In terms of power transmission, we should strengthen the intelligent construction of power transmission lines to ensure that power transmission lines can withstand the impact of natural disasters such as the southern snow disaster in 2008, so as to adapt to the impact of large natural disasters on electricity, and improve transmission capacity and efficiency on the basis of existing networks

in addition, in terms of power distribution, it can achieve the goal of high reliability; In terms of power consumption, we should focus on the construction of smart users, smart homes, smart communities and smart meters, so as to provide high-quality power supply, especially for some regions or enterprises with high requirements for electric energy, which can provide many reliable services

improve work efficiency and means with the help of IOT

Li Xiangzhen introduced that the sensor network is an indispensable basic link of intelligent electrical terminal information perception, which has a broad application space in the power system and will play a great role in power construction, power safety production management, operation and maintenance, information collection, safety monitoring, measurement application, user interaction, etc, It can comprehensively improve the depth and breadth of information perception in all aspects of smart electricity, and provide basic data support for the realization of intelligent power system and the high integration of information flow, business volume and power flow. The corresponding technologies and products will be widely used in the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and utilization of power system, and will produce huge economic and social benefits

at present, Guodian is carrying out some applications of wind power plant power prediction and some applications based on wireless communication, which is very important for the company to build wind power prediction and power prediction in Gansu large-scale wind power base. In addition, these applications play an important role in patrol inspection, patrol inspection and troubleshooting, and are also of great help in power distribution, power transformation, and the continued rise of international influence in the plastic extruder industry

infrastructure in the power generation side is reflected in distributed power plant monitoring, plant monitoring, pollutant and gas emission monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, coal material monitoring, pumped storage monitoring, wind power plant monitoring, power prediction, photovoltaic power station monitoring, biomass power generation, energy storage monitoring and power source access. In terms of transmission, it is reflected in transmission and control, wide area measurement system and the improvement of transmission efficiency. In addition, Guodian has also carried out some construction of multi integration and information communication. In the next five years, the main work of Guodian will be from backbone to low-voltage access

during the Shanghai WorldExpo, with the help of IOT, the working mode of State Grid has been further improved. For example, through the deployment of some protective towers and lines, some fault problems of lines can be solved; Configure sensor equipment on the road to detect the real-time situation of the line, so as to ensure the safety of electricity; Through the use and deployment of some equipment, we can improve the effect of sensing and ensure the safety and place of the equipment

Li Xiangzhen also said that 80% of the business of Guodian is related to IOT. In the future, the state power will implement the power plan through technical deployment, and carry out corresponding research and deployment to solve the problems of intelligent power consumption, such as cracking down on unlicensed cement production and the transmission reliability and real-time of power information collection, as well as the lack of interactive means. At present, the requirements for smart electricity are getting higher and higher, and it is urgent to meet these needs through the support and deployment of technical means

a number of pilot activities based on IOT will be carried out.

Li Xiangzhen believes that at present, smart power consumption, smart residential areas, smart homes and wireless meter reading have become one of the applications of IOT. In the future, the construction of smart electricity will inevitably produce the largest, most intelligent and most comprehensive IOT in the world

the application and achievements of wireless sensing have played a full role in further promoting the development of smart electricity. Smart electricity in China has a good foundation for automation, from the main energy management system to the automation system to the device has reached the world's advanced level, which also lays a good foundation for the future research of smart electricity applications. In order to cooperate with the development of smart electricity and provide channels and support for users to participate in electrical interaction, Guodian has carried out activities to promote the pilot of optical fiber electricity in 1418 provinces across the country. Without increasing costs and lower costs, it uses electric means to make all new residential areas realize optical fiber to the home

in addition, Guodian has also carried out a large number of pilot activities related to IOT across the country. First, it is required to build the backbone system by the end of 2010, and all provinces across the country should complete the deployment of power consumption information collection of the backbone system, and complete the work of power consumption collection at the same time; Second, the pilot activities of power optical fiber to the home are carried out at the same time as the power collection; Third, a pilot service of underground substation was built at the WorldExpo, which is the epitome of a complete smart electricity; Fourth, a demonstration project has been built in an eco city in Tianjin, which is fully automated from the preliminary design of electricity to the future implementation, including information collection, smart home, security protection and fiber to home applications; Fifth, carry out the construction of intelligent substation, and realize intelligent substation by adopting a series of digital equipment

in the future, through research, pilot and application, Guodian aims to create several applications of IOT: first, form the perception foundation of power IOT, with sensors as the core, including various acquisition modules; The second is the power IOT technology support system, which mainly takes the information system as the core to establish a new generation of wireless and wired network; The third is the system for intelligent electricity application; Fourth, form a complete variety of standard systems to ensure the safety of electricity

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