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In order to meet the requirements of the rapid development of the information age, some scientific research institutions in the world have introduced the concept and mode of intelligent building into residential areas, so that people's living conditions and environment can be qualitatively improved. Thus, a new concept of intelligent residential areas has emerged, which is a new high-tech product

the so-called intelligent residential district refers to a new residential district that takes generic cabling as the basic framework and computer network as the management automation of various equipment in the district through the comprehensive configuration of various functional subsystems in the residential district. Starting from the needs of modern life, the intelligent residential community comprehensively uses science and technology such as computer, information, communication and control, and relies on intelligent control system, community information platform, security system, community property management system and comprehensive service information service system to build a high-speed Internet information service platform with high-tech means, so as to provide a safe, environmental friendly, efficient, comfortable and convenient living space for residents in the community

the intelligent system of residential quarters is mainly composed of security automation system, communication automation system and management automation system:

first, security automation system

is mainly composed of the following subsystems:

1 Access control system: used for the prevention of residential doors. An access control system is installed on the entrance door of the resident, and a pair of door magnets are installed at the central position on the upper side of the door frame. The resident can normally open the door with a key. When the system is in the fortified state, if the door is pried, an alarm signal will be sent, and the signal will be transmitted to the community property management center through the home anti-theft host, that is, which building and which household has what type of alarm, and the person on duty can dispatch the security personnel to deal with it on site

2. Infrared alarm system: used for the prevention of doorways, windows and balconies. Install infrared detectors at the entrances, windows and balconies of households. When the system is in the fortified state, if someone enters illegally, the infrared detector will trigger the alarm, transmit the signal to the indoor anti-theft host, send an audible and visual alarm, and the host will send this signal to the community management center, that is, show which building and which household has what type of alarm, and the personnel on duty can dispatch the security personnel to deal with it on site

3. Combustible gas leakage alarm system: Shenyang Huaxin is usually set up in the kitchen. From a domestic perspective, international engineering design consultants require plastic packaging materials enterprises to further improve and upgrade in the following aspects: ask the combustible gas detector of Co., Ltd. In case of combustible gas leakage, the detector triggers an alarm and transmits the signal to the community management center. At the same time, open the indoor exhaust fan and close the gas valve

4. Automatic fire alarm system: smoke detectors are set in residential staircases, elevator antechambers and living rooms. When a fire occurs, the detectors trigger the alarm and transmit the signal to the fire control center

5. Emergency call system: set emergency call buttons in the living room, bedroom and other places of the residence. When there is an emergency at home, such as serious illness, burglars breaking in, and you need help, just press the emergency button to understand the quotation of the detailed experimental machine, and you can call directly for consultation! The advantages of electronic universal testing machine testing machine 1. The components are solid. The oil pump is the internal gear pump call button. The home host will send the signal to the management center. After receiving the alarm, the personnel on duty will immediately send someone to the scene to deal with it, so that the residents can get timely assistance

6. Visual intercom system: generally, it consists of four parts: the host at the door of the unit, the indoor extension of the household, the electric control lock and the power supply. At the entrance of the residential unit, there is an anti-theft door with electric lock and an intercom host. Residents in the building can enter freely with keys or IC cards, while foreign visitors must talk with residents through the intercom host. With permission, residents can enter only by remotely opening the anti-theft door. This effectively prevents strangers from entering the unit. The host at the door of the unit can also be connected to the host of the management center through the network. In the future, the signals input by visitors will be transmitted to the management host at the same time, so that the personnel on duty can grasp the situation of guests' visit

7. Closed circuit television monitoring system: surveillance cameras are set at the entrances and exits of the residential area, the main intersections and the green belt beside the fence, and the underground parking lot. The personnel on duty in the management center can monitor the camera images for 24 hours, record and store them at the same time, and provide information

8. Perimeter defense system: set up an infrared radiation alarm system on the fence of the community to build the first protective barrier of the community. When someone illegally crosses the wall, it will alarm and trigger the perimeter camera to track the camera and video

9. Electronic Patrol System: set a patrol station at the appropriate position in the community, and specify the patrol route and patrol time of the security personnel. When the security personnel arrive at a patrol station to eliminate the failure of the force measuring piston, insert the key and push it, and the host will get the current location and time information of the security personnel. According to the set requirements, the patrol station can also be used as an emergency alarm at the same time. If the host does not receive the information of a patrol station within the specified time, the host will remind and implement the automatic alarm function according to the set level

second, communication automation system

intelligent housing is information-based housing in a sense. Community communication automation system depends on the construction of external network and internal network. By establishing the local area of the community and setting up the home bus interface, we can make full use of the communication network to carry out extensive information exchange with the outside world

China's information network technology has made great progress. At present, the main information transmission media are telecommunication network and cable TV network

1. Telecommunication network: there are public exchange and data communication in telecommunication network. ISDN (Integrated Services digi tal network) is integrated service data. It has the following characteristics: (1) it is a communication developed based on integrated data (IDN): (2) it supports end-to-end digital connection; (3) it supports and non various communication services; (4) it provides standard user network interface. Its biggest advantage is that it can simultaneously provide users with, fax, data and conference TV services on a pair of ordinary lines, and has a high access speed. It can connect to the Internet at a high speed of 128kbps,. (the maximum speed of ordinary connection is 56kbps)> such a home network established with the help of 1sdn business can provide the same working conditions as the company environment. If you like to work at home, you can connect your home computer network to the computer network in the office.

2. Cable television network: cable television system (CATV) includes satellite television receiving system, common antenna television system, self operated closed-circuit television system, etc. Cable TV network has been transferred from unidirectional, analog and frequency separated transmission to bidirectional, digital and adjacent transmission

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