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At the beginning of the new year, Sany Heavy Equipment successively appeared in the "first China (Pingtan) infrastructure equipment spring fair" and "the third China (Pingtan) Construction Machinery Exhibition". In Pingtan, Fujian Province, known as the "hometown of tunnels", Sany Heavy Equipment launched a strong attack with two tunnel boring machines str260h and str260s, which made the audience stop to visit one after another. At present, the purchase intention of TBM customers has reached 20 million, and Sany Heavy equipment has made a good start in the new year

Sany tunnelling equipment

it is reported that the str series tunnelling machines in this exhibition are the main types of tunnelling machines at present. Among them, the str260s is a larger type, with a mechanical length of about 16 meters and a weight of more than 120 tons. Cutting height 4 6m, cutting width 4 Five meters. Due to the huge volume of the equipment, Sany Heavy equipment sent a technical installation team of 15 people to assemble on site. At the exhibition site, many construction units showed great interest in Sany equipment and looked forward to further technical exchanges

Sany tunneling equipment appeared in the exhibition

Sany Heavy Loaded tunneling machine has been recognized by the market all the time. As early as 2013, the roadheader R & D team of Sany Heavy Loading project conducted field research and data collection on more than 200 mining, tunnel, water conservancy and highway construction enterprises in China and more than 300 national, provincial and municipal key construction projects, which laid a solid theoretical foundation for the feasibility of Sany roadheader construction in these fields. Since the successful offline of Sany STR series TBMs in 2015, their use in small, medium and large section, medium hard and hard rock tunnel excavation has been recognized by the construction party. Later, more and more Sany tunnel boring machines were often seen at various municipal construction sites

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compared with the traditional shield machine or drilling and blasting method, Sany Heavy Loaded TBM is more economical, and the amortization cost of carbon matrix composite components in short-distance tunnel construction is very low and faster. Moreover, during operation, the equipment has little disturbance to the surrounding rock outside the tunnel wall, avoiding the potential safety hazards and pollution caused by drilling and blasting construction

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at the same time, the high-strength box type cutting arm structure is matched with the optimized cutting head scheme, pick arrangement and special hard rock pick patented technology, which can greatly improve the rock crushing performance, effectively control over excavation and under excavation, have good section forming, and the error of excavated hole diameter can be controlled within ± cm, so that Sany tunnel boring machine has stronger geological adaptability, stable cutting performance and low wear, The construction efficiency is improved

exhibition site

in addition, STR series tunnel boring machine integrates excavation, slag removal and dust removal. After excavation, it can be directly transferred to transportation vehicles. The construction speed is more than twice that of general drilling and blasting method, which greatly shortens the construction period

through continuous improvement and innovation, Sany TBM has become an unshakable leader in the industry, providing users with more efficient, safe and energy-saving construction technology, and effectively improving the quality and efficiency of tunnel construction

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Compression testing equipment
Compression testing equipment

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