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Sany group's release of "quality white paper" always sounded the alarm for quality

Sany group's release of "quality white paper" always sounded the alarm for quality

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recently, Sany group's 2014 annual quality white paper was released. The large "white paper" with more than 500 pages, without any modification, objectively records the localization of decoration materials in North Korea: perforated plastic tiles show the achievements and shortcomings of Sany group in quality in the past year, which is heavy in hand

the "quality white paper" has been published for three consecutive years. It is not a Book of credit, but more like a big stick that always rings the alarm for Sany. In the face of the problems, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, strictly proposed improvement. He also stressed again that quality is the starting point of value and dignity. Only by continuous efforts to improve, can we truly achieve the goal of "quality changes the world"

the overall quality is leading, and some parts need to be improved

the white paper shows that in 2014, the quality level of Sany group was further stabilized, the market position was consolidated, the product performance and reliability tended to be mature, the overall quality level ranked first in the domestic construction machinery industry, the performance and reliability of products were close to or even reached the benchmark, and some products reached the international first-class level

in terms of specific parameters, the group's failure embrittlement in the early stage of the year - the reduction rate of ductility, failure replacement and technical transformation replacement rate due to physical or chemical changes meet the standard. The company has solved six kinds of "old and difficult" quality problems, including three industry problems. The fine level of the group's exhibits is leading the industry. In the random anonymous survey on the scene of Shanghai BMW exhibition, the overall recognition of Sany products has been close to 70%

excellent product quality has also been recognized by the market. A typical example is that Sany excavator has the first market share for four consecutive years. Liang Wengen believes that the reason why Sany excavator can break the monopoly of foreign capital and stabilize the first position in the market lies in its excellent quality and good brand

in the past few years, Hunan governor quality award, Liaoning governor quality award and Jiangsu quality award have been successively included in Sany. In 2013, the group won the first "Nomination Award for China Quality Award", and Sany Heavy machinery also won the "National Quality Award"

nevertheless, there are still some quality problems to be improved. The after-sales quality indicators, process quality indicators of the host company and the quality indicators of the parts company need to be further improved. The quality management awareness of all staff is not strong, and quality talents are scarce. The application of interconnection is still an important factor restricting the continuous improvement of quality

in this regard, Liang Wengen said that quality management should not be relaxed at any time. Only by continuous efforts to improve can we truly achieve the goal of "quality changes the world"

solidly promote the "five step excellence" method to achieve the goal of excellent quality

in 2011, Sany began to build the quality management system of the whole group. On the basis of learning the excellent quality management concept of the United States, Japan and other countries, after long-term exploration and summary, the company puts forward the "five step excellence method" of quality management

these five steps include step0: standardized operation system (basic assurance); Step1: check the quality system (nonconforming products will not flow into the next process); Step2: quality assurance system (non production of nonconforming products); Step3: preventive quality system (failure to produce nonconforming products); Step4: excellent quality system

JIANG Zhichun, senior expert of Sany quality work and vice president of Sany group, said: "the five step excellence method plans the group's quality management through five stages of quality management, provides users with products and services beyond their expectations, and leads the continuous development of the industry."

in the four years from 2011 to 2014, Sany has moved towards its goal step by step. At present, Sany has entered the "quality assurance system". In other words, Sany can basically realize the production of nonconforming products through lean process quality control. The next step will start with the top-level design of the product and establish a reliable "preventive quality system" to ensure that no nonconforming products are produced

"maturity" is a standard used to measure the quality system construction. In recent years, in 2014, the maturity of Sany group's quality system reached 55.1%, an increase of 2.6 percentage points over 2013, of which the maturity of Sany Heavy machinery small excavation company's quality system reached 61%. In 2011, the maturity of the company's quality system was only 43.5%

in the process of improving the quality management system, Sany has set two benchmarks. One is the external benchmark and the other is the internal benchmark. Xiaodiao company is a model of internal quality management of the group. Taking the world's top enterprises as an example, it constantly improves its own quality management. At the same time, it has also become the object of learning for all business departments of the group. This mode of full "absorption" and full "output" has driven the continuous improvement and improvement of the whole quality management system of Sany group

in 2015, on the basis of continuously consolidating the achievements of the first three steps of the "five step excellence method", Sany group will initially introduce quality cost management in order to achieve the goal of reducing quality cost by half

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