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Shouguang China vegetable dispatching call center began to take shape on the morning of November 4. Recently, Mr. Han, who works in Shouguang municipal government, received a message from a friend in Jinan: "don't you have the business of delivering vegetables to your door? We want to put some money there and let them deliver vegetables every day." After receiving it, Mr. Han immediately handed his friend's contact information to the vegetable dispatching call center and told his friend that the call center has indeed realized the direct connection between the vegetable base and ordinary families in the province. On November 3, I came to the Chinese vegetable dispatching call center located in Shouguang cultural software park to find out

the customer called a vegetable and delivered it on time

in the afternoon of November 3, he came to Shouguang cultural software park and saw a five storey building in the park with the name "China Bayer Material Technology is committed to: calling the service center with strong R & D network and strength". When I came to the second floor, I saw signs such as "call center 1" and "call center 2" hanging on the corridor. Through the windows of the call center, the operators are busy. Push the door in, "Hello! What can I do for you?" "Wait a minute. I'll check for you." In my ears were the kind words of the telephone operators, and the house was busy

Rong Jiazheng, the project director of Weifang BAISHIDA Information Technology Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the call center business, introduced the process of how to realize "call and deliver vegetables to the door". "Our customers have a fruit and vegetable card, which is pre charged with a certain amount, ranging from 200 yuan, 500 yuan and 1000 yuan. At the same time, our customers also have a booklet with the varieties and prices of seasonal vegetables." Rong Jiazheng continued: "If you are a customer living in Jinan, after you call the customer service, the operator of the call center will write down the dishes and quantity you want, generate an order, and then send the information to the vegetable base. The staff of the vegetable base will start picking and packaging, and then arrange logistics to transport to Jinan. The distributor in Jinan will send the vegetables directly to you. After you sign for it, the distributor will mark 'distribution success' in the system. Other long-chain nylon products After the products are not produced in scope, the call center will send you a text message saying that the order transaction is successful, how much money will be deducted from you and how much balance is left on your card. " Rong Jiazheng said that this is the whole process of a transaction. Ordinary families can eat green and organic vegetables produced by famous vegetable bases such as Shouguang Leyi and Liaoyuan without leaving home

during the Spring Festival in 2008, pan Yujun's brother who lived in the United States returned home to visit his relatives. The two brothers who hadn't seen each other for a long time talked a lot together. During this period, pan Yujun talked about going to the vegetable market and supermarket to buy vegetables. His brother suddenly said to him: "in the United States, those middle-class people with high and stable income will not spend time in the supermarket to buy vegetables, meat, milk and other food. They all enjoy customized services. They will send what they want to eat to the door. Some people directly list the food and quantity they need every day, and let the food delivery company send it every day." Brother's words made pan Yujun think that this shopping method should also have a market in China, but there must be a source of goods to deliver to the door. An idea flashed into his mind: isn't Shouguang vegetables in his hometown a good source of goods? Who can be indifferent to the reassuring dishes from Shouguang, the famous hometown of vegetables, without leaving home? It should be a good idea to set up a branch in Shouguang and form a "pair" with the brand vegetable base

after the Spring Festival, pan Yujun came to Shouguang and told the relevant person in charge of Shouguang municipal government his idea, which was immediately recognized and supported. He also settled the vegetable dispatching call center in the city's Cultural Software Park, so that they can make full use of all kinds of resources, especially the talent resources from the nearby Weifang Institute of science and technology. Therefore, in April this year, the vegetable dispatching call center officially began operation

the next step is to promote

"we did a pilot in Jinan before and after the Mid Autumn Festival in 2009. At that time, the first batch of cards were given to customers as gifts from mobile companies, with a face value of 100 yuan." Rong Jiazheng said that after the first batch of fruit and vegetable cards were issued, they began to wait. They soon found that the customers who got the card were divided into two parts. "Either the card has not been opened, or the card has been opened. After buying it once, I found it very good. 100 yuan will be spent immediately." They feel very happy to be recognized by customers, and they quickly lock in their unique customer base

Rong Jiazheng said: "this way of sending vegetables is not suitable for everyone. It is mainly white-collar workers who are busy and have no time to buy vegetables, middle and high-income people who pursue the quality of vegetables, and the elderly who are in poor health and inconvenient to go out to buy vegetables. Generally, they send vegetables three times a week." Rongjiazheng said that the customer manual is not only updated every month, but also has seasonal fruits. Because the fruits are only produced for one season, most of them need to be booked. At present, their fruit and vegetable distribution stations have covered 33 prefecture level cities and county-level cities in the province, such as Jinan, Qingdao and Rushan. Because Weifang people can buy Shouguang reassuring dishes at any time at the "door of their home", their business does not cover Weifang

it is reported that since the establishment of the vegetable dispatching call center in April this year, the number of telephone operators has grown from the initial 30 to more than 60 now, and another 30 are undergoing training, but the company is basically not profitable at present. Rongjia Zheng admitted that due to bad weather and high-speed blockade, there are many cases in which fruits and vegetables can not be transported on time. Despite this, they have never changed the idea of allowing ordinary families across the country to eat Shouguang food without leaving home. In the next step, they are ready to develop in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and also plan to move the vegetable base around these big cities. Weifang

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