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On April 13, Luo Wei, assistant to the president of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. and President of the General Research Institute, opened a software. You can use our experimental machine to display the working status of key products of Liugong across the country. "Green indicates that the device is working, and red indicates that the device is not working." He said, "now it is green, indicating that Liugong's equipment is working. Large-scale construction can preliminarily judge that the market demand for Liugong's products will continue to rise."

Liugong implements the strategy of comprehensive internationalization, comprehensive intelligence and comprehensive solutions, among which comprehensive intelligence is a highlight. Liugong is promoting intelligent design, intelligent product, intelligent construction and intelligent service, which makes the enterprise glow with new vitality. "Since last April, the excavators and loaders produced by Liugong have been equipped with intelligent housekeeper service system, making the products more intelligent. This year, they will be intelligent in cranes, forklifts and other products." Rowe said, "on April 12, Liugong negotiated with an international telecom operator and is preparing to pilot the intelligent butler service system in the UK and Thailand this year." This is a typical example of the "integration of informatization and industrialization" (a high-level and deep combination of informatization and industrialization) to enhance the "intelligent manufacturing in Liuzhou" and promote the vigorous development of the intelligent equipment industry, whose service life is less than one fifth of the average service life of industrial products

according to the statistical data of Liuzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, intelligent manufacturing equipment and advanced technology are continuously popularized in key industries in Liuzhou, and high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots are widely used. At present, the number of industrial robots in Liuzhou exceeds 4000, and the robot density reaches 96.2 per 10000 workers. According to the data of the 2016 world robot conference, the average density of industrial robots in China is 49 per 10000 workers. In addition, Liuzhou's production process control and manufacturing execution systems have been gradually popularized. The popularization rate of large-scale digital R & D and design tools has exceeded 60%, and the NC rate of key process flow has exceeded 40%. Now, Liuzhou has 10 national "integration of industrialization and industrialization" management system implementation pilot enterprises, accounting for 1/3 of the region; The intelligent manufacturing projects of SAIC GM Wuling, Liugang, Liugong, sinoelectric and other enterprises were rated as "interconnection +" manufacturing demonstration projects in the autonomous region, accounting for 1/4 of the whole region

the "integration of industrialization and industrialization" in Liuzhou has also given birth to new business forms, as evidenced by the rapid development of industrial e-commerce. Liuzhou has cooperated with Alibaba to establish the "Alibaba Liuzhou Industrial belt", with more than 1000 online enterprises; Jingdong e-commerce platform has established "Liuzhou pavilion with Chinese characteristics", and hundreds of commodities are sold in the pavilion. At present, the commonly used mechanical mill equipment for sugar bulk construction in Guangxi is the pre mill commodity trading platform, and 1/4 of the national sugar is purchased, sold and circulated through the platform every year. Liugang group has established a B2B steel trading platform to realize the optimization and informatization of the whole process from production planning to customer orders, internal supply chain management, logistics, payment and settlement

collaborative manufacturing based on Internet and information technology is also taking shape in Liuzhou. Leading enterprises such as SAIC GM Wuling, Dongfeng Liuqi, Liugang and Liugong have built a networking collaborative manufacturing public service platform to provide characteristic cloud manufacturing services for downstream enterprises. Design resources are concentrated and shared, and manufacturing capacity and production resources are basically released and traded. Liuzhou sets up a special fund of 50million yuan every year to support the development and application of industrial robots and their system integration industries, and the construction of industrial robot industrial bases and public service platforms. At present, Liunan district has set up the first robot industrial park in Guangxi; Fanuc, which has the largest sales volume of industrial robots in the world, has established a robot college in Liuzhou, and the industrial robot manufacturing, service and talent training system has basically taken shape. Liuzhou has introduced domestic well-known enterprises and institutions through investment promotion, and the National Engineering Research Center for rapid manufacturing has been settled in Lowe Industrial Park, Yufeng District. Professional institutions such as USTC intelligence and China automation technology alliance, which provide overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing, have also successively settled in Liuzhou. Meanwhile, Liuzhou will build Guangxi intelligent manufacturing city in the northern ecological new area

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