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Dongguan Zhongtang integrates and improves paper enterprises recently, the environmental impact report of Zhongtang town paper industry base passed the approval of Guangdong Environmental Protection Bureau and officially became the environmental protection industry base of Guangdong Province. The base will integrate and upgrade the paper-making enterprises with large pollution in Zhongtang town to reduce pollution emissions

according to statistics, there are 30 paper-making enterprises in Zhongtang Town, with an annual output of 3.659 million tons. The main products include corrugated paper, face paper, imitation kraft linerboard and whiteboard. Located in the northeast of the town, Zhongtang paper industry base is a narrow strip on the South Bank of the main stream and north of Beihuang road tailored by Jinan Shijin according to the needs of users. It connects caodun bridge in the East and douguzhou in the west, covering an area of 12679.35 mu. There are 17 paper-making enterprises in the base, and the actual land area is 2030.84 mu

it is understood that the town plans to invest 12billion yuan, including 1.2 billion yuan for environmental protection, to integrate and improve the existing paper-making enterprises within the jurisdiction, increase output by relying on technological progress, and improve the depth of production wastewater treatment and the reuse rate of reclaimed water

according to the introduction, the paper industry base will carry out centralized heating transformation for enterprises by year and area. In the near future, the development of China's plastic machinery is attracting special attention all over the world. 397.5 Mu is used for moving in enterprises, new enterprises and internal technological transformation. It is expected to increase 400000 tons of paper products annually, and comprehensively promote cleaner production audit in the medium and long term

according to the plan, before 2010, all the paper-making enterprises in the base will pass the cleaning, so it is usually important to think about this reason. The production audit has reached the national water intake quota. In 2011, the paper-making enterprises with an annual output of 510000 tons will be supplied with heat, and in 2013, the paper-making enterprises with an annual output of 100000.2 million tons will be supplied with heat. Regional central heating or combined heat and power supply will be implemented. After the implementation of the base renovation plan, the pollution discharge of the existing paper-making enterprises in the base can be greatly reduced, the regional environmental quality can be improved, and the impact of the town's paper-making wastewater discharge on the north trunk stream of Dongjiang River can be reduced

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