Google will promote googlevoice on a large scale

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Google will promote the application of Google Voice software on a large scale according to foreign media reports, Google announced in a blog post on Tuesday that it will promote the application of Google Voice software on a large scale. In the next few weeks, users who have registered for voice can invite others to register

each user can only get three invitations at first, but Google said it plans to send more invitations in the future

google voice has recently received widespread attention in the media, including the dispute that Apple does not allow it to enter the iPhone app store. Such stools use plastic materials developed for sunglasses with dimming lenses. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States has begun to investigate the service because Google does not allow voice services to enter some rural areas

through the service of Google Voice, the consumption of automotive non-metallic materials has also increased. Users can connect to any other number through one number, and can also dial local and long-distance calls for free. Other features include voice mail, call history, meetings, blocking specific and converting voice to text. Tencent Technology


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