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From March 19 to 21, the fourth China wardrobe exhibition, which lasted for three days, opened. At this year's exhibition, novier's wardrobe launched a new solid wood customized series on the basis of its original products. Once launched, this series became a new favorite of the wardrobe exhibition and attracted the attention of visitors

from March 19 to 21, 2014, the fourth China wardrobe exhibition, which lasted for three days, opened. At this year's exhibition, novier's wardrobe launched a new solid wood customized series on the basis of the original products. Once launched, this series has become a new favorite of the wardrobe exhibition, attracting the attention of visitors and becoming the focus of their competition

when solid wood meets customization

"customization" has developed in the home furnishing industry for more than ten years, but compared with finished furniture, it is still a young word. Solid wood has a long history in the development of home furnishings, and can even be pushed to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. When traditional solid wood meets fashionable customization, what kind of sparks will it collide with? Novier's wardrobe brought such a surprise in this China wardrobe exhibition, introducing traditional solid wood into the field of customized home furnishings, providing people with more diversified choices and a high-quality lifestyle. The appearance of this product is also to cater to high-end consumer groups, meet more different needs, and combine high quality with customization. The appearance of this series of products has also injected a dose of fresh blood into this year's wardrobe exhibition, creating a product label with novier's characteristics

the industrial chain is comprehensively upgraded

as the saying goes, "one minute on stage, ten years off stage". The Chinese wardrobe exhibition is only three days, but the preparation of Novi's wardrobe is far more than what we have seen in these three days. In 2014, novijia Zhongyuan production base has been fully launched. It is a sign that in the following time, novijia will successively carry out the construction of relevant production bases and comprehensively upgrade the industrial chain. In addition, novier's wardrobe has also been comprehensively improved in the field of technology, improved the technical content of production equipment, built a mobile terminal customization platform, and built a perfect industrial chain in the field of production and mobile terminals. This is the core service support provided by novier's wardrobe outside the exhibition to ensure that customers can "easily open stores" and further expand the market

forge core competitiveness with innovation

in today's increasingly fierce competition, whether an enterprise has the ability to innovate is the decisive factor to determine whether the future development path of the enterprise is smooth. Novi's wardrobe also has amazing explosive power in the field of innovation. Novier family wardrobe has always advocated innovation in the design and research and development of new products. The same is true in the application of new technologies. At the beginning of the rise of Weibo, Novi's wardrobe joined Weibo enterprise certification and became an enterprise with millions of Weibo fans. Promote the customization platform on mobile terminals, so that customization is everywhere and sales are anytime, anywhere. At the China wardrobe exhibition, such core competitiveness was recognized by many attracted dealers, which made novier's wardrobe booth continue to be popular

2014 will be a new year for novier's wardrobe, full of challenges and opportunities. In this year, novier will continue to give full play to its brand advantages and bring the industry to a new height




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