Four innovations of Ronggao electric telescopic do

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Four innovations of Ronggao electric telescopic door editor: Ronggao intelligent doors and windows

1, process innovation

as the first batch of enterprises producing electric telescopic doors, after 12 years of market operation and product exploration, and learning from the surrounding products and processes of other building materials, the products of electric telescopic doors have tended to be stable. No matter from the production process or market service, they all demand themselves in the way of self abuse, and have been committed to how to change the manual production to the comprehensive mechanized production mode, so as to reduce the human error rate and the difficulty of controlling the facade size

2. Product innovation

set product research and development strategies and new product research and development goals, and formulate product development direction. We have continuously introduced new products and high-tech products, and obtained a number of patented technologies

3. Service innovation

fully introduce modern informatization into the company's marketing management system, create a rapid response information flow and cargo logistics, and provide 24-hour customer complaint processing services

4. Marketing innovation

quickly start the township market by means of investment promotion meetings and other forms. Fully tap the potential of channel operators and guide them to the market predatory reshuffle. Strive to cultivate professional door distributors and service providers across the country, and take the road of professional interior door brands. Build the soft power of door industry competition to cooperate with the hard power of the company

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