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Home life is actually the best reflection of a person's emotion and personality. From the simple and fashionable home decoration design of Li Zhu's customer 'Confucius zzz', we can fully feel his enthusiasm for intelligent slow life

life is like what you think, enjoy it as much as you can, find a sunny afternoon, the scorching sun spreads all over your body through the window,

drink a cup of tea, read a book, and feel the slow flow of time in this way, calm your mind, and enjoy the warmth and softness of life. In Hangzhou, where heavy makeup and light makeup are always appropriate, don't blindly immerse yourself in the busy rhythm and become an accessory of life. Sometimes slow down and calmly enjoy the free and easy life brings. Work and life should be relaxed, controlled and enjoyed. This time, the award-winning customer of Lizhu Mumen Hangzhou station 'Confucius is zzz', which should be a very perfect man who coordinates work and life

Li Zhumen's old customer 'Zi Yue zzz' owns a trading company. After work, Zi Yue zzz likes to study some new things, immerse himself in the comfortable experience brought by intelligent slow life, and likes photography and basketball

home life is actually the best reflection of a person's emotion and personality. From the simple and fashionable home decoration design of Li Zhu's customer 'Zi Yue zzz', we can fully feel his enthusiasm for intelligent slow life. The huge projection screen equipment can feel the shocking effect of watching movies in the cinema at any time; The most eye-catching large glass door in the living room -- Lizhu wooden door palette series natural oak customized double sliding door, which is clear and bright as a whole, complements the same color floors, tables and chairs, and makes the space more natural and atmospheric

in the process of home decoration design, if you want to achieve sufficient light transmittance and enhance the sense of space between the kitchen and the living room, you can consider the double sliding door in the Lizhu wooden door (customized according to the actual needs of home decoration). In terms of design, the Lizhu double sliding door adopts the four-wheel suspension door leaf design with excellent sliding and safety, and there is no door frame and slide way at the lower part, and special damping is configured on the guide rail, It can avoid the noise in the process of pushing and pulling, and there is no need to worry about tripping by the track. It can achieve a quiet and smooth comfortable experience without shaking. It can be said that the meticulous design of every detail of Lizhu wooden door is the guide for your comfortable and convenient home life

in the communication with the customer 'ziyue zzz', we learned that in order to achieve the consistency of visual effects, the customer 'ziyue zzz' also selected Lizhu products for the door frames, pass covers, skirting lines, etc. of the whole house during the decoration process, and the final effect completely exceeded his initial imagination. The overall space lines in the room have continuity, more unity, and perfection. In the selection of the color and style of the interior door of the whole house, the customer 'Confucius' also has a lot of research. The choice of bedroom door stems from the independence of private space. He chose the natural oak color of the classic CMA of Lizhu wooden door palette series. There is no too much decoration on the whole door body. It has a natural sense of soft wood material. Coupled with the stretched streamlined black handle, it is visually full of natural and flexible beauty. When opening and closing the door, the comfort and lightness from the hand are also very good

in order to distinguish, in the choice of bathroom door, the customer used the Lizhu wooden door palette series. The upper part of the door body is equipped with the natural oak color of cm8 with ice grain glass. The ice grain glass with light transmission effect not only increases the lighting of the bathroom, but also realizes the privacy in daily life. "Follow the growth and prosperity of all things, and look for the purity and simplicity without carving in nature." It's the information we feel in the customer's home decoration style of "Confucius is zzz". Life is as you think, enjoy it as much as you can, and the years are quiet. I hope Lizhu wooden door can bring him more comfortable and exquisite home enjoyment in the future life

no matter how big the city is, there is only one corner that belongs to you. A comfortable and warm space is enough for you to remove all fatigue and enjoy your own happiness freely. It can be said that the interior doors of Lizhu wooden door palette series show a soft feeling close to natural wood in color, and the style shows a low restrained and implicit rigid and soft temperament. No matter what style of home environment you want to create, I believe the palette series that won the world if design award can help you become unique

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lift the wooden door and open a healthy life! Hangzhou Lizhu wooden door store information is as follows:

store name: Hangzhou new era store

store address: A504, floor 5, new era furniture museum, No. 705 gudun Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou contact: 0571-87063689

store Name: Hangzhou Dixin tongshitai wood products multi brand store, Youyi Road, Hangzhou

store address: No. 87 Youyi Road, Guali Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Contact: 0571-82551829

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