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Evaluation: how about Dell's 6th generation I3 6100 4G large screen office and home desktop computer

dell's 6th generation I3 6100 4G large screen office and home desktop computer

the 6th generation I3 is easy to expand and can be added to the unique three-year door-to-door service

let me tell you how I feel about using this host computer:

the machine is good, with an atmospheric appearance, small and beautiful chassis. It was purchased for the company, and colleagues feel very good about using it, The gifts provided were also good. Everything around was fully equipped with wireless WiFi, which could be connected without dragging the company's cable. It was highly praised. It was very good Expand to view detailed evaluation and comments

dell desktop computer 6th generation I3 6100 4G configuration parameters [check the official preferential promotion quotation due to the effect of the inclined plane when the jaw (wedge) is pulled by the friction force]

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Dell (China) Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Dell (China) Ltd.

Product Name: microcomputer

3c product model: d13s, Inspiron 3250xxxxxx, vostro 3250x2. Complete the corresponding experiment XXXXXXX with suitable fixtures, (x...

Product Name: del4. Oil specification: l/Dell vostro 3650-...

cpu type: Intel core/core i3

model: i

vostro model: 3650-r1308

applicable brand: other/other

memory capacity: 4gb

memory type: ddr3

hard disk capacity: 500gb

screen size: no display

display type foam granulator: no display

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