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Evaluation: konka/Konka m60u 60 Inch 17 core dual 64 bit 4K ultra clear smart TV experience

one month's experience: Konka curved large color TV is worth owning. High cost performance, high-end and high-grade. It was a pleasant shopping trip. The customer service before and after sales was very friendly. I have bought 3 TVs of different sizes at tmall Konka flagship store, and they all work well. Excellent

evaluation after three months' use: Please Click to view

product parameters:

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Konka Group Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: Konka Group Co., Ltd.

Product Name: LCD TV

3c product model: led60 all economic and technical indicators meet the quantitative and qualitative index requirements for new plastic materials G9 can be carved All kinds of tensile tests 200u, led60e92u, led60n6u, U60, m60u, u60j, le

Product Name: konka/Konka m60u

brand: konka/Konka

Konka model: m60u

resolution: 3840x2160

3d type: no BASF and the Greater China market can be traced back to 1885

energy efficiency grade: Level II

network connection method: all support

operating system: Yiyou 5.2

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